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Global Warming Incrementalism


Ok.  If you ignore the temperature labels, you can clearly see that the USA is warming at an unprecedented rate never ever before seen in history to levels never ever before seen in history... which is unprecedented. 

In history.

(Thanks Jim at Gateway Pundit and Weather Channel
Click link for more historical global warming news.



#1 Kevin 08-Jan-2010

I don't want to scare you, but I've done some calculations.  Every morning, I wake up and check the outside temperature.  Late in the afternoon, I check it again.  WITHOUT FAIL, the temperature is higher at the end of the day, sometimes 20 degrees hotter than it was only hours before.


So according to my calculations, it's going to be ~2,500 degF by next Chrismas.  That's pretty hot.  Sadly, I can't show you my data, but trust me, it's accurate.  I learned how to handle data in East Anglia.

#2 captainfish 08-Jan-2010

I trust you and your calculations.  After all, you stated it on the internet.

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