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Green Jobs: The True Cost To America

You know how Pres Obama has been saying that he has saved the American worker by spending several TRILLIONS of dollars of tax dollars (that did not really exist till he taxes you later on) for stimulus spending?  And of course, you know how tens of millions of people are still out of work.

But, take heart you lowly people.  Pres Obama is thinking of you.  And, he is thinking of the taxpayers as well.

Last September I warned you that part of the $787 Billion Stimulus Bill was to throw money down the drain of the Green Movement.  But, what does that really mean?  What is the true benefit to the American worker?  Is there a benefit?

Let's analyze the numbers:

Michelle Malkin reminds us that Pres Obama is there for you with promise upon promise to give you your jobs back.

Well, only those of you in the Green Movement that is.’s time for another White House green jobs boondoggle campaign:

    The White House pitched Friday’s jobless report as the start to stabilization while President Barack Obama planned to push for another $5 billion to help create much-needed jobs.

    Obama planned an afternoon event to announce more government spending to create tens of thousands of green jobs as the nation is weighed down by an unemployment rate stuck at 10 percent.

So we have $5 BILLION to go specifically to GREEN jobs.  How many green jobs is TEH ONE planning on creating?

President Obama's announcement earlier today of an additional $2.3 billion in federal tax credits for creating approximately 17,000 subsidized temporary jobs in the green energy industry is drawing a less than enthusiastic response from Thomas J. Pyle, president of the Institute for Energy Research:

So, we have $7.3 BILLION dollars going to 17,000 jobs in the exclusive GREEN industry.

Temporary jobs at that.

Exclusive tax breaks that democrats hate.  They hate tax breaks to the automotive and oil industries. 

Should we also give tax breaks to the fishing industry?  The cow industry?  Shouldn't the grocery industry also get a tax break?  Why don't we give everyone in the country a tax break?  Wouldn't that create jobs?

But you say, wouldn't all those Green jobs be a good thing?

Well, let's just see.

$2.3 Billion in  tax cuts going to 17,000 jobs equals $135,295 in tax cuts per job.  Really?  How much does it pay to install solar panels???  I am in the wrong line of work, I guess.

But, we aren't done.  Pres Obama also promised $5 Billion to create those tax-free jobs.  Thus, $7.3 Billion for 17,000 jobs equals $429,412 per job.

That's a lot of ..... green.

... for temporary jobs.

But you say, at least these people will be getting jobs and working.  Right?

Again, thanks to Michelle Malkin, we find this from the great lands of Europe enlightenment:

Every “green job” created with government money in Spain over the last eight years came at the cost of 2.2 regular jobs, and only one in 10 of the newly created green jobs became a permanent job, says a new study released this month. The study draws parallels with the green jobs programs of the Obama administration.

If there were 10 "green" jobs created, 22 regular jobs were eliminated.  Then, only 1 of those 10 jobs remained permanent.  Thus, for every job created within the GREEN industry, the American workforce loses 21 jobs.

And remember, each one of those jobs will cost those 21 unemployed workers a share of the $429,412 that will be used to fill that job.

For those of you part of the near 20% unemployment rate, how do you feel that money that could have been used to KEEP you employed is now going to temporarily give green yuppies temporary very high paying jobs?

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#1 Airmag 10-Jan-2010

I missed out on this new math.  Where do they teach this stuff?  Oh, and another thing, I'll bet the people that get those jobs will be paid minimum wage!  You . . . didn't . . . really . . . think . . .that they were going to get paid that $429,412.  My guess that most of the money above and beyond the minimum wage is going to go into the Presidential Reelection Fund!  I think he's going to need more than 750 million next time!

#2 captainfish 10-Jan-2010

Then please explain how so much money is being directed toward jobs.. and not for research or financing?  These monies were directly tied to hiring people to fill jobs.

And, I am sorry your math is not your strong point.  Simple addition and division was taught to me back in kindergarten during my day.

$2.3 Billion
$5 Billion
$7.3 Billion

$7.3 Billion
17,000 jobs

And these jobs are tax-free and subsidized.  The industry itself is federally subsidized.  Purchasers of their products also receive subsidies.


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