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Sneaky Insurgents Attacking Australia

Reports are that one large insurgent snuck away from his main group and headed toward Australia.  Predictions are for massive damage.

There are also reports of these illegal beings of nature have been seen around New Zealand as well.

Be warned.  They are spreading.  I hear they are trying to move in to Canadian and S. American areas as well.

Seeing that this report was back on December 11, 2009, and we have not heard from Australia since, I fear the effect from these lone insurgents may have been successful.  We may have lost Australia.

A massive iceberg twice the size of Manhattan is headed for Australia's southwestern coast, threatening shipping lanes in the Pacific.

The "superberg," called B17B, is roughly 1,000 miles off the coast of Australia and headed for warmer waters, where it will likely break up into many small pieces.

The 'berg broke off the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica in 2000, and has been floating in the cold waters of the Pacific until recently, when ocean currents and weather conditions nudged it north.

Several other icebergs have been spotted near New Zealand in recent weeks, but none was as big as B17B, which 87 square miles in area -- is about double the size of Sydney Harbor.

Australian media quoted a glaciologist who said if the iceberg crashed into the continental shelf, it would cause a magnitude three to four earthquake.

OMG.  What are we to do?!!?  Heaven help us!!!

What can we do with these sneaky ship-killing continent-shaking insurgent objects of mass destruction?   Is there anything we can do to save ourselves?

The glacial "calving" that causes icebergs is a natural process; ice sheets grow as snow falls upon them and creates more ice, which flows to the edges. Eventually, some pieces break off.


.. ahem ..  ...  nevermind then.


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