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On "Indigenous Immigrants"

George Orwell would have been appalled by this flagrant abuse of the English language, and yet here we are in 2010, getting ready to live George's worst nightmares in real life:

But it's not so simple for indigenous immigrants — the Native Americans of Mexico and Central America. They often need more than one box because their ancestry can cover multiple Census categories, and they must also overcome a significant language barrier and a mistrust of government.

Cue: really small violin. Felons have a healthy distrust of government, too, but we don't see piles of whining like this about them, do we?

The only saving graces I can find in this story are provided by some rather funny FReepers.

sthguard says, "Let’s just simplify things, and reduce it to two boxes: 'Heartless Eurocentric Oppressor' and 'Innocent Oppressed Victim,'" which really seems to get to the heart of what our government beancounters are shooting for.

And good Uncle Sham rounds it out by pointing out that, technically, "Actually, you are 'A frican American,' legally."



What can I say? If things continue to regress down this path, I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be following Zathras' sage advice and "error-check" my form via my trusty shredder before returning it.

Population: 1 envelope and some confetti. Have a nice day!



#1 captainfish 05-Jan-2010

Brian, I think you made a mistake.  You are using news from Russia, or was it Venezuela, like it was news from the USA.

You need to be more careful, otherwise someone might mistake the USA as USSA.  (like that would ever happen, anyway)

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