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Nuclear Energy: Another Victim of Global Warming

You know you have hit rock-bottom in the excuses when you still refuse to institute global taxation, global control and changes in the peon's behavior when even your power sources are not safe from the impacts from Global Warming.

A nuclear power plant South Jersey was forced to partially shut down due to ice build-up on the Delaware River.

Officials said the power plant in Salem County had to shut down one generator and reduce power in another at about 8 a.m. Saturday due to floating ice on the river.

Ice was accumulating on rotating screens used to take water to a non-radioactive part of the plant.

Yes, you know things are bad when Global Warming causes unprecedented icing of a major continental river to the point it shuts off a nuclear power plant.

Plant officials told Eyewitness News that it is the first time that they had to take this unusual step because of ice.

See.  Things are getting worse and worse.  There is no time to debate.  Debate is over.  We all agree that Global Warming is leading to a new Global Ice Age.

Even the CIA agrees.  They are now sure that the current "war on terror" (now lower case) is over while the bigger threat is from ......  ICE!!!!

Everyone knows that we are more at risk from our rivers freezing over than from Knicker-Bombers.  After all, we can catch the bombers.  Even after they explode, or crustify their gonads.

But we are helpless without the CIA and our nation's intelligence service keeping an ever diligent eye on the ever-creaping ice. 

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