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Talented Wire Photography

Since I mentioned that 99% of wire photography is boring yesterday, I figure now'd be a good time to show some examples of work that is the 1% that's above average.

For starters, our good friend (I jest, he's actually quite cordial) Muhammed Muheisen is in Pakistan as of late, and has been filing some absolutely stunning photographs of the region, in his effort to document the living conditions of Islamabad's poorest people. His illustrations of the simple joys of Pakistan's impoverished Christian community truly moved me. The simple joy of a playground. The joy of just being. Or even of good food. Even looking tough can be entertaining, when one stops for a moment to enjoy it (though the girl in the background doesn't look convinced by the bravado).

Not that he slacks in other ways -- his candid portraits are visually stunning, to say the least. Based on work like this, which is both news and art, I will truly say that Mr. Muheisen is one of the most talented photographers currently employed by any wire service agency: But he's definitely not alone in that 1% group!

Another good example of a creative wire photographer is 

Daylife doesn't allow me to link to a particular photographer in their archives, but if you want to see more of Muhammed's work, this Yahoo! News link should work for now.

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