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The GOP Still Don't Get It. Will They Ever?

Will the GOP EVER get it? 

And by that I mean the GOP leaders and its representatives in Congress.  And my primary example in this topic will be the GOP's leader in the 1994 Republican Revolution, Newt Gingrich and the current GOP leaders in Congress.

Newt was chosen to be the head of that Revolution as the Speaker of the House.  He became the speaker in more ways than one for the Republican party.  And, it might also help to explain why and how the Republicans lost their Revolution in both the Senate and House.  He ran on a strong conservative platform.  However, like most officials who find themselves in positions of power, they fall victim to the power and the "game".

Newt Gingrich, while implimenting many of the Republican ideas that were outlined in the "Contract With America", a document he developed, his party never-the-less failed to enact many of the bills that reflected the "Contract"'s planks.

For example, if they had enacted their very first planned reform, " require all laws that apply to the rest of the country also apply equally to the Congress", then we would not be having to threaten to pass laws now to force Congress to participate in ObamaCare even though they specifically exempt themselves.

It would seem that Newt was all talk, bluster and trying to stay in the limelight.  Just take a look at recent news posts abut Newt. 

Just from this search we find:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Wednesday he considers himself among the top Republican prospects for the 2012 presidential election


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Newt Gingrich says GOP will rebound in 2010
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Steele 'is smart,' Gingrich says
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Newt: GOP would be "clever" to work with Pelosi

From that one single search, we can see how Newt is still considered one of the leaders of the GOP party.  Part of that belief is based on his own efforts to stay relevant.  I like it when moderates attack other moderates for being too moderate.

And also from that search we find that Newt is also for legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

Cherilyn Bacon Eagar is a young, conservative, Republican, business woman who also happens to be an LDS business mother as well as a candidate for Utah's U.S. Senate seat in 2010; a seat which is currently occupied by Senator Bob Bennett.

 The grassroots organization Legalize Utah has provided each of these candidates (among many others) several reasons to consider medical marijuana.  These articles included a detailed, 30 page report from the American Medical Association, a letter from Newt Gingrich endorsing medical marijuana, personal testimonials as well as a live stream, active "marijuana survey", sponsored by Legalize Utah.

A member of Legalize Utah went on to say that Ms Eagar is not Christian for holding to her anti-marijuana views.  Does Newt hold a similar view of other anti-marijuana Republicans?

Our current leaders in Congress are not much better.  How many have tried to "work" with the curent Democrat majority in order to help them pass their SocialistMarxist bills just so they can claim bipartisanship.

Current leaders are now wanting to "work" with Pres Obama to help get some form of legislation passed so that this Congress will not be seen as stalemated.  Well, you know, I got no problem with a statelmated Congress.  They can't erode my liberties if they aren't doing anything.

But Republicans are also warning the president to take cues from the message sent by Massachusetts voters last week who elected Republican candidate Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate.

"The American people are saying we want to go in a different direction. I hope the president will get the message and change direction and we'll get to see that next Wednesday night," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told NBC's "Meet the Press."

Really Mitch?  You really expect the Liberals and Socialists in Congress to just acquiesce to your demands just because they lost one seat in the Senate?

"You'll hear in the State of the Union, some of his ideas about additional steps that we can take to help create and stir hiring around the country," said chief political adviser David Axelrod.

Americans can also expect the president to hearken back to his campaign themes of changing the way Washington works.

"What you're going to hear from the president is the same thing you heard from him over the past several years," Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said on "Fox News Sunday." "And that is that for far too long people in this country felt like Washington was about the special interests and not about them."

Hmmm.  Go figure.  If Pres Obama and the Dems base their lives and their livelihoods on lying to the American people about who they are and about what their devotions are, then does Mitch really think they will change? 

Special interest pay-offs and buy-ins are at an all time high and yet, still, this GOP leadership thinks they can work with the Democrat party and its leaders.

Republicans say they are hoping the president also takes their concerns into account.

"If the president wants to govern in the middle there will be Republicans there to meet him, McConnell said.

Oh My GAWD!!!  Seriously Mitch?  You are saying that you are OK with moving toward the middle in the HOPES that Pres Obama and his ilk will slide a little that way?  Why should he take your concerns at heart?  He thinks you hate the elderly and want to starve school children to death.  He think you want to take the food away from babies, sell it to the oil companies and then give the money to the evil financial fat-cats.

Mitch, you agree that Pres Obama's belief system is on the far left of the political scale.  But yet you guys are still trying to work with him to get his agenda passed?  This boggles the mind?!?  The Conservative mind at least.

You GOP leaders need to wake up and smell the Tea Party.  And, don't listen to the down-trodden and obsolete MSM.  They wouldn't know a growing movement if it took over their time-slot.

On Friday, Obama sought to show he understands the plight of the working class.

"Folks have seen jobs you thought would last forever disappear. [ED: That is just a bit naive isn't it? Do people really think jobs will last forever?]  You've seen plants close and businesses shut down," Obama said at a town hall in Elyria, Ohio. "I've heard about how the city government here is bare bones. And how you can't get to work or go buy groceries like you used to because of cuts in the county transit system."

[Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J.] suggested one area where Republicans have the opportunity to work with the president -- creating legislation to help small businesses get the resources they need to grow and to hire people.

What did these people do before the transit system when they wanted to go buy groceries?  And yeah, let's listen to a New Jersey Democrat on how the Republican Party can work with Pres Obama, one of the most SocialistMarxist presidents in history of the USA.

Why do we need to create NEW legislation in order to cut taxes and crush the budget of its fluff, fraud and pork?

There is no reason in this good GOD-fearing country that Republicans should feel that they need to work with this current administration and Democrat Congress.  Doing so will only place the taint themselves.  Why work with the Socialist Dems on an illegal and unconstitutional Health Care Bill?  IT'S UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! 

Being the party of NO is not a bad thing when what the Socialists are trying to enact will do massive harm to this country and throughout the world.  For as America's financial health goes, so goes the world.

And Newt?  May I suggest that you fall back in to the shadows of history where you belong.  You may be useful for tv shows, but as a leader of growing Republican Party you are doing nothing but harm.  Your groups lack of cohesion and dedication to the conservative ideology led to your party's defeat.

We are finally getting rid of some of our RHINOS.  There is no reason to help create more.



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