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Please read this immediately. I am reminded of the crew that Clinton brought to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue way back in 1993 for some strange reason.

(If this pans out, Anonymous has scored an amazing victory. And if not, use the fact that Anon had it first as your lump of salt.)

Update: Rusty asks if all iPhones transmit GPS data in their photos. The answer is yes, my friend, which is why you should always be vigilant.

Thanks also to Dan Riehl for the mischevious linkage. Everyone loves a mystery!

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#1 Anonymous 13-Jan-2010

All phones do NOT use GPS. All phones can have their location  triangulated  from which cell towers are involved but that is NOT the same as  GPS. If you don't know this than you lack  some fundamental knowledge

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 13-Jan-2010

Does "phones" = "Apple iPhones," Anonymous? Because I'm pretty sure it's obvious that we were discussing the LATTER.

You might want to put on your reading glasses before you start hurling insults like that next time.


#3 yishai 13-Jan-2010
Hey, that's not what Brian said. Anyways ALL iphones DO use gps (by default) in every picture. Stupid WH worker.Anyways, nothing major will come of this. BO won't even acknowledge this. It just goes to show the absolute stupidity of the WH and the people inside. Not only this coke idiot, but his boss, his boss' boss, and the processes in place in the WH. Sheesh.
#4 Steven C. 13-Jan-2010
Could of course have been a prank. It's very easy to alter the metadata in a photo. My camera isn't able to use GPS so I sometimes inject GPS co-ordinates manually into my photos along with other metadata.Someone could have taken the photo on an iPhone somewhere and then adjusted the GPS co-ordinates, or taken metadata from a photo actually taken at the White House on an iPhone and then inserted it into this photo instead.Sorry, but the poster's saying "you wouldn't believe where I work anyway" sounds like a deliberate encouragement for people to look at the (fake?) metadata in the photo, that he published so publicly on an Internet forum frequented by tech-savvy people.
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 13-Jan-2010


You might be right -- which is why I inserted my little "consider the source" aside. But considering that (a) People Do Stupid Things On The Internet, and (b) Anonymous has a pretty impressive track record, I'd say the chances of this being legit are still well above 40%.

See this photo, for example, in which 4chan "discovered" the location of a murder victim before it was reported by police.


#6 rooster 13-Jan-2010

2 questions.

Question #1:  How is this news?

Question #2:  Why am I supposed to care?

#7 forest 14-Jan-2010

I'm not too worried.  Maybe those lines are just heroin.

#8 Anonymous 15-Jan-2010

the GPS coordinates also show that the picture was taken at an elevation of 160 feet.  about 100 feet higher than the WH YOU GOT PUNKED ON THIS ONE BRIAN ADMIT IT

#9 mkyc 16-Jan-2010
#10 forest 16-Jan-2010

I have no idea if this is legit or not, but I do know that GPS is pretty good for coordinates, but absolutely lousy for elevation.  I use them all the time for my work and I never rely on the elevation provided by GPS because it's rarely accurate.

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