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Obama Hates Special Interests, Secrecy, Terrorists, and Capitalism. Well, Really, Just Capitalism

Recall during the presidential campaign season for the 2008 presidential race when Obama declared an end to transparency and special interests?  No?  Ok, watch this to remind you.


Note how Obama is so against the interests of Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies.  Note too how he promises full openeness and transparency.  He even contrasts himself to how the Clinton's tried to enact their brand of health care reform behind closed doors.

And yet, as we have seen time and time again, from "payouts" to his financial buddies and his car industry supporters along with "promises" and monetary "gifts" for his lackeys in the environmental and alternative energy movement.  Oh, and yes, we can't forget his "promises" to the pharmaceutical lobbyists in this round of health care legislation.

And yet, even before a full year has passed, he had to show how he is all inclusive.  He does, after all, believe in diversity.  I mean, he couldn't forget about his comrades in the organized unions in the latest monetary and political prowess handouts.

Big Labor got some big love from President Obama and congressional Democrats yesterday after they agreed to exempt union workers from the whopping “Cadillac tax” on high-cost health-care plans until 2018.

The sweetheart deal, hammered out behind closed doors, will save union employees at least $60 billion over the years involved, while others won't be as lucky -- they'll have to cough up almost $90 billion.

The 40 percent excise tax on what have come to be called "Cadillac" health-care plans would exempt collective-bargaining contracts covering government employees and other union members until Jan. 1, 2018.

Good times to be a federal employee these days or a member of a special interest.  Who would've thought he wouldn't keep his promises? 

I guess when Obama said NO Special Interest he actually meant that there would be no special interest LEFT OUT.

]UPDATE:]  What happened to that transparent and public "round table" where everyone had a chance to speak about health care reform?  But yet, note too, everyone he mentions is a special interest group that shares his political beliefs.

And note too, where he is in that video.  Talking in front of a special interest group.  Don't forget, he is a big believer in Reason, Facts, Evidence, Science and Feedback.  And transparency.  But mostly Socialism.

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#1 rooster 18-Jan-2010

I love how you republican diehards love your capitalism.  Look where it's gotten us thus far... debt, debt, and more debt.  Time to try something new I say!

#2 captainfish 18-Jan-2010

capitalism = national debt?  Um. Please explain how capitalism made the last several administrations hand out money left and right, throw money down the drain, and shovel money at special interest groups and projects.

It is this overspending and over-eagerness to spend other people's monies, not over-buying, that has led to our national debt.

Now, if you are referring to your own debt, then that is not a failure of capitalism but of common sense.

#3 rooster 18-Jan-2010

Look at you...  You flaming sack of conservative poo.  I will not dignify that with an answer.

#4 captainfish 19-Jan-2010

nice discourse. 

#5 rooster 19-Jan-2010

Having typed so much in response to me I can imagine the sinking in feeling in your heart when you realized that not only had I not responded to anything you said directly but I probably didn't even read it all.  You know how I am with "too many words" Haha!

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