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Against ObamaCare? You Are INDECENT! (and a horrible person)

DMartyrs welcome return to our ranks comes just at the right time.  We are going to need him to help defend us from the charge of being horrible people.

Who would dare call us hard-working, pro-American, pro-Capitalism folks "indecent"?

Why, Obama of course.  The man of diversity, of calm, of getting along, of .... peace.

Obama Ties Passage of Health Insurance Bill to American 'Decency'

As Democratic fears increase that health insurance reform could slip away with a crucial vote for a new U.S. senator in Massachusetts, President Obama on Sunday used a church pulpit at a Martin Luther King Day service to say the massive health bill would be a victory for "decency."

Let's for once, again, forget that a politician is using a RELIGIOUS pulpit to promote their, and their party's agenda, but focus on what he said.  In other words, if ObamaCare does not pass, then this shows that we as a nation are indecent.

Well.  SIR!!  You are the one that is wholly indecent.  You, SIR, are a hypocrite and a liar.  You, SIR, are nothing but a shill, a plant, an insider for the thugs of organized unions.  You make me sick with your narcissistic attitude.

Speaking to congregants at Vermont Avenue Baptist church in Washington, D.C., before heading north to rally for Attorney General Martha Coakley, Obama said the legislation will help more than 30 million Americans, "men women and children, mothers and fathers" to get insurance.

"This will be a victory not for Democrats," Obama said. "It will be a victory for dignity and decency, and for our common humanity. It will be a victory for the United States of America."

"Victory for Democrats".  Indeed.  So much for being decent.  Eh?

Now, is it decent to use a church to spew political campaign messages and invoke threats to your opponents?  I won't even bring up the illegalities of it all.

I guess I just did. 


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