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Green Environmental Supercomputers To Use Massive Amounts Of Dirty Power

or.. When Green Computers Go Bad.

or.. When Environmentalists Preach Hypocrisy.

Yeah.  I love when reality hits them in the face.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and its managing organization, the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), announced today that they will form a partnership with the University of Wyoming, the State of Wyoming, and the University of Colorado at Boulder to build a new supercomputing data center for scientific research in Cheyenne. The center will house some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers in order to advance understanding of climate, weather, and other Earth and atmospheric processes.

Measuring 108,000 square feet in total with 15,000-20,000 square feet of raised floor, it will be built for 8 megawatts of power, with 4-5 megawatts for computing and 3-4 for cooling.

Holy Fre-Holy Batman!!!

Wonder why they are building in Wyoming and not "green power" Colorado with all of their green initiatives?

Coal-fired power plants produce almost 95% of the electricity generated in Wyoming. Wyoming’s average retail price of electricity is 5.27 cents per kilowatt hour, the 2nd lowest rate in the nation.

So, it's OK for people with lots of money to use dirty energy because it is cheaper, but not us regular joes?

Nah, that's not hypocritical at all.

But, thanks to WUWT, we have an answer as to how they are going to ge the greenies to go for all this.  And, how they are going to pay for all of it.

The University of Wyoming is ready to research clean coal and wants proposals from both academic and industry organizations. With the help of the Wyoming state government, they’ve arranged for up to $4.5 million in research funds — which can be matched by non-state funds.


The governors of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming are asking President Barack Obama to fund the development of clean-coal technologies in the West.

Yeah.  Thanks for that.  Gotta love being stuck with the bill.


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#1 rooster 18-Jan-2010

What is it about you conservatives that makes you want to destroy earth so desperately?  Do you hate it that much?  As you people would say, love it or leave it!

#2 captainfish 18-Jan-2010

I love this Earth. 

I am not the one who is trying to build massive supercomputer complexs that gobble up massive amounts of uselessly wasted energy in order to try and prove how bad man is.

And, using energy that is created by the same type of methods that the greenies so hate.

#3 rooster 18-Jan-2010

Then try doing your part by saving it if you love it so much.  I bet you drive an H1 Hummer you gas guzzling ass clown.

#4 captainfish 19-Jan-2010

My party?  My party doesn't actually exist.  If so, it would be a party of one.  While your inferrence would suggest that we hold opposing political views, I must also infer that you think I hold to the Republican party platform.

I do not.

I would like to consider myself a member of the Conservative Party.  If it existed.  Part of me believes the Republican party needs to fail in order to revive as a more conservative movement.  But, like the Democrat party, the Republican party represents a wide variety of belief systems.  But then, it is what it is.  And, we as a nation seem to only desire a two-party system despite the diverse flavors of political beliefs.

If I could drive an H1, I would.  And proudly.  At least before it was sold to China.  Buying something American made puts American workers to work.

#5 rooster 19-Jan-2010

Put your money where your mouth is and do you part.  Stop talking the talk and start walking the walk if you love earth.

#6 captainfish 20-Jan-2010

I do.  I am.  I buy American.  I only buy American made electricity made with American Coal and Natural Gas.

I send my son to an American school and I work for a great American job.  I buy goods and put trash where it belongs giving other Americans work.

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