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Obama and Dems Once Again Shaft American Workers

As many know by now, the Democrats are supposedly guided by their reverance and dedication to the protection of the iconic "American Worker".

How many times have the candidates for office on the side of the sign of Democrat have we heard how they are the common man's, the middle-class', only hope?  How they are the only true path for protecting all that the worker's deserve and have rightfully earned?

And yet, time and time again, they prove how they are either only in it for their own gain or for the gain of their special interests.

More often than not, those special interests are unions.  And, more often that not, unions are now focused on their worker's best interests.  In fact, it would now appear that these unions are now so focused on protecting themselves that they have completely stomped on the heads efforts of the non-union work force.

Case in point I bring you this...

President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Read, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the leaders of the Democratic Congress have negotiated a health care compromise which screws nonunion American workers. Under the terms of the compromise, Cadillac health insurance plans for unionized and government employees will be exempt from a 40% tax on these rich plans. However, the 40% tax will be paid on identical plans provided to nonunionized private sector employees.

This compromise will add about $60 billion to the costs of the pending health care reform legislation. It is an understatement to say that this compromise is grossly unfair to nonunion American workers and is a national scandal to payoff the political allies of the Democratic Party.

The union bosses who agreed to this compromise should be ashamed of their hypocrisy toward American workers. Union leaders have once again shown that they care more about their power and influence in the Democratic Party than they do about American workers.

Guess who gets to pick up the tab.  So, what does this mean to non-union workers?

Let's see what the census says about union numbers:

Some highlights from the 2008 [census] data are:

   --Government workers were nearly five times more likely to belong to a union than were private sector employees.
   --Workers in education, training, and library occupations had the highest unionization rate at 38.7 percent.
   --Black workers were more likely to be union members than were white, Asian, or Hispanic workers.
   --Among states, New York had the highest union membership rate (24.9 percent) and North Carolina had the lowest rate (3.5 percent).

Membership by Industry and Occupation

     Union membership rate for public sector workers (36.8 percent).
     Union membership rate for private industry workers (7.6 percent).

     Within the Public sector, local government workers (42.2 percent).
     Within the Private sector, industries include transportation and utilities (22.2 percent), telecommunications (19.3 percent), and construction (15.6 percent).

So, here we see another reason to not trust Obama.  His deal with the unions included nearly 40% of the workforce that work for the government.   Thus, once again, Obama and the Dems have shown a preference for protecting the increase in the government and government benefits.  This is of course, in contrast to their stated campaign promises.

If one portion of the workforce (unions) is exempt from this new extra
tax, then the other and larger and main (non-union) portion of the
workforce will be forced to carry the extra burden.  This is in addition to the already growing burden thanks to the many Trillions of "stimulus" and "financial" gifts that have been handed out hand-over-fist.

But then, really, when is bribery and collusion beneath the morals of the Dems and Liberals of Congress.

Americans need to take a serious look at how the Democrats controlling the White House and Congress are abusing their power and ignoring the will of the people in the name of health care reform. The Cadillac insurance tax exemption is only the most recent bribe to a reluctant constituency that Congressional Democratic leaders have concocted to pass unpopular health care reform.


So, for those of you who are in support of ObamaCare, please explain to us why you are happy to pay the health care expenses of illegals, unemployed, and now, the unionized and government workers.

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#1 rooster 19-Jan-2010

It's easy to point blame at a President who's barely been in office a year.  Let's give the guy a fair shot... even though that's virtually impossible for a political party who's attacked a president for his policies long before he ever set foot in office. 

#2 captainfish 20-Jan-2010

Its our duty to vilify and derail any trend toward Socialism within America.

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