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More Federal Land Grabs Underway

[UPDATE] March 2, 2010.  Sen Jim DeMint (R) has now taken up the cause I brought to your attention back on Feb 18, 2010.  Go Jim Go.

I for one believe that the federal government should not be allowed to seize lands from states unless the state's legislatures vote and grant the donation to the federal government.  This causes a loss of revenue and land from the state.  What president's have done is outright theft.  And I believe oversteps the bounds constitutionaly.


This should even get some of the environmentalists and libertarians upset.  Ok, especially the libertarians.  But, leave it to a massive-government loving marxist to move to take more lands into Federal hands

More than a dozen pristine landscapes, wildlife habitats and scenic rivers in 11 Western states, some larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined, are under consideration by the Obama administration to become America's newest National Monuments.

According to internal Department of Interior documents leaked to a Utah congressman and obtained by Fox News, the mostly public lands include Arizona deserts, California mountains, Montana prairies, New Mexico forests, Washington islands and the Great Basins of Nevada and Colorado -- totaling more than 13 million acres.

And, this could be 10 times more lands taken away from the public than Pres Clinton did in 1996 when he stole vast amounts of coal supplies from our nation's energy supplies.

But, leave it to this president to continue to be secretive and operate behind closed doors.  The only way this was found out was through a leaked document.  And, yep, this has made the senators from the affected states mad.

"Any federal action that could lead to limited access should be done in an open and public manner using extraordinary caution," said Rep. Dean Heller, R-Nev., upon seeing the leaked report. "The fact that this administration is already circulating internal memos to bypass Congress and the public process is troubling."

So, what does this sequestration mean?  What kind of impact could it mean to our nation's energy and resource supplies?

Presidential use of the Antiquities Act is highly controversial because the White House, with the stroke of a pen, can lock up thousands of square miles of federal lands used for timber, ranching, mining and energy development without local input or congressional approval.

So, during times of financial hardship, we are locking away cheap and easy sources of timber, grazing lands and especially coal mining.  This will only force an increase in foreign imports of those goods.  (ok, maybe not grazing lands, but if we can't raise cattle in the numbers we had before, then our importation of beef will have to increase).

Leave it to the most open and transparent administration and fiscally-conservative governmetn ever to try and secretly lock up our nation's public resources.

Oh sure, Pres Obama is all for increasing coal and nuclear power generation.  But, he won't let you have the coal.  And, he will make it overly burdensome to build, license, and operate said coal plants.  But, he is all for coal. 

Solar?  How many solar projects have been prevented because of the
eco-tards?  Now that Obama is going to protect millions of desert
acres, that again limits where these large solar plants can be built
using large amounts of federal tax dollars with little return.

Nuclear?  Yeah.... didn't he just close down the Yucca Mountain disposal site?  And aren't most of his supporters and his base eco-nazis and earth-firsters?  Heck, even when the so-called Republicans were in control of the government, this crap happened as well.  Did the Republicans do anything to counter Pres Clinton's 1996 Antiquities Act stealing?  Did the Republicans push for more nuclear energy during the 1990's and 2000's? 


They are as bad as the socialist and lefty libtard democrats.  This government's sole purpose is NOT to protect its citizens and give them a chance and a great life, but to secure and preserve the governments way of life.  And to wrestle away as much power from the people's hands as they can.

One acre at a time.

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#1 Cargosquid 18-Feb-2010

I wonder how the map of this land would overlay the land containing oil shales and oil sands.....

#2 Yiddish Steel 18-Feb-2010

And throngs of ignorant Dolts whine when someone dare call Barrack Obama a "Leftist", a "Statist", a "Socialist", or (gasp!) a "Communist".  Does any part of this grab-ass expose' protray this potential theft of public lands as Democracy in action?!

#3 captainfish 18-Feb-2010

Here's the funniest part of that linked article.....

Interior Department spokesman Craig Leff told Fox News late Wednesday the leaked document "reflects some brainstorming discussions within [the Bureau of Land Management], but no decisions have been made about which areas, if any, might merit more serious review and consideration."

Ummmmm.  Riiiigght.  Because everyone brainstorms what lands they can sock away, sequestor out of the hands of the public and private industry during dire times of economic and financial hardship.

Budget is bloated.  Taxes are oppressive. Economies are falling.  Countries are nearing banckruptcy.  Governments are floundering.  Some cities are closing down.  Another Great Depression may be around the corner.

But, we are just brainstorming which lands we want to seize.  No big deal.


#4 Jared Smith 23-Mar-2010

What are the effects of these actions, and why are they kept secret? I believe, these land grabs are part of a larger plan to control population growth in the west, thus controlling the masses and forcing us to live in cities where we are easily socialized. This is why the federal governments plans are kept secret. 

I believe it is our right to inherit the land. It is the one thing that keeps us free. We need to stand up to the federal government, at the state level, to maintain our states rights, and our individual freedom.

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