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The Idiot Thinking of the Idiot Global Warming Alarmists Who Believe the Idiot Theory of the Global Warming Idiocy

If you want to understand how the alarmists believe their idiocy, all you have to do is listen to them and read their statements.

I was perusing Anthony Watt's blog, WUWT, and found a comment by one of his readers.  D. King was making an observation on a post about National Wildlife Federation's statement that odd weather, especially Colorado's snowfall, is a clear and significant indicator of global warming.

D. King
(09:19:17) :

From the NWF website

“Oddball winter weather is yet another sign of how uncontrolled
carbon pollution amounts to an unchecked experiment on people and
nature,” said Dr. Amanda Staudt, climate scientist, National Wildlife
Federation. …”

Wow, another scientist’s reputation circling the drain.

Wow.  A pretty self-damning statement.  Oddball weather = global warming?  You would think that a climate scientists would understand that climate, and to an extent weather, always changes.  If not, we would still be a boiling ball of lava in space. 

Not taking what someone says at face value, I did some research.

Going to the NWF website, I did a search of "Amanda Staudt" and "oddball winter weather".  I found an article on NWF that had the title of: "Global Warming Bringing More Oddball Winter Weather".

The key quote from the article is where D. King took his cut:

Global warming is having a seemingly peculiar effect on winter weather in the northern United States, detailed in a new report from the National Wildlife Federation.

“Oddball winter weather is yet another sign of how uncontrolled carbon pollution amounts to an unchecked experiment on people and nature,” said Dr. Amanda Staudt, climate scientist, National Wildlife Federation.

Excuse me while I laugh out loud at a National Wildlife Federation conducting scientific research on global climate change.  Maybe knowing that we can forgive Amanda for her elementary mistakes in knowledge and common sense.

"...uncontrolled carbon pollution" is an unchecked experiment on the human populaiton that is creating "oddball weather".

Really?  Seriously?  Some evil nothingness is conducting uncontrolled experiments on the human population in unchecked evil machination?  Could Amanda be sucking on too much helium to the detriment of her brain?  Or is she yearning to be the next host on Coast-to-Coast?

But, it gets better.  Here is the rest of her quote:

“While global warming means shorter, milder winters on average, some snowbelt areas will see more heavy snowfall events. Disruptions to tourism and recreation economies will become increasingly common – for example to skiing and ice fishing that depend on predictable conditions.”

I guess we are back to the moniker of "global warming" now and not the generalized fear-term of "global change".  So, once again, global warming means more and less snow, more and less heat, more and less rain, more and less predictability, more and less skiing, and more and less ice fishing.

That ought to make M4GW happy.

Well, that post I was reading on WUWT puts a lie to NWF's claim about odd weather, especially in Colorado.  Guest contributor Steven Goddard finishes his post with this:

In summary, snowfall is increasing annually and we see upward trends in the months of “snowfall season” in Colorado.  Year over year variability has always been very high and may actually be lower in recent years. And, the Colorado mountains no longer have extremely low snow years like they did 80 years ago. By the data, it seems the NWF claims are unfounded.

This was in response to a recent national news post announcing new global warming data proof.  The Washington Post and MSNBC create alarming news based on this fluff non-news piece of idiocy by NWF and Amanda - All Knowing Global Climate Scientist - Staudt.  The proof?  The proof is that which I highlighted above. 

Odd Weather.

Voila!!!  Proof of global warming.

This shows exactly how these idiot global warming alarmists think.  They do not need proof that the earth is warming faster than ever before.  They don't even need evidence of warming.  Their evidence doesn't even need to make sense.  Their idiot ideology needs no proof.  It is a faith.  A faith that is not based in science or reality. 

This is their religion.

When things on earth change, that is all the proof they need that man is evil and is to blame for all of earth's ills.

Yet, common sense dictates reality.  A reality that knows earth has changed through eons from hot to cold back to hot and then back to cold.  If earth's climate had never changed, as long as man's known existence has been around, then we would still be covered in ice.

But, reality seems to not be Amanda's strong point.

And finally,

said Dr. Staudt. “We can no longer plan based on the climate we used to have.”

But yet they seem to hold on to that past with such vigor.

Think on this.

Were not the 30's in the central plains hot and dry?
Were not the 70's in the central plains cold and snowy?
Are not the 2009-10 years growing colder and snowier again?

Now, THAT is climate change.

Yes, there are trends that continue on a century and millennial scales, but those too are cyclical if one looks hard enough. 

But then, why demand facts or reality, when rampant idiocy satisfies your idiot faith.

  #FactChecking #EnvironMental

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