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Stuck-At-Home-Day Post

Hello all,

I am stuck at home today.  Third business day in a row.  Including the weekend, I have been stuck at home for 5 days now.  PLEASE... I wanna go to work!!

Barring that, can you guys give me some ideas on how to keep myself and my family entertained.  The walls are already down to the studs. 

I did the watching some movies, playing video games and building a Windows 98 computer thang.  But that got old after the 2nd day.




#1 Kevin 01-Feb-2010

-read a book

-clean the house

-master time travel

-use wd40 on every hinge in your house



That's all I've got :(

#2 captainfish 02-Feb-2010

hmmm.  let's see. 

Hate reading.  It's too boring.  Though been listening to audiobooks so I can do other things at same time.

Clean house?  ARE YOU MAD!!?!!?

Use WD40.  Hmmm, now that is an idea.  But that will take about 3 hours.  15 minutes to spray all hinges and then nearly 3 hours to clean up the mess.

Time Travel.   Now that is a great idea.  Now, where did that charged flux capacitor go?

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