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Global Warming Shenanigans: Even The Geeks Get It

AS a self-professed geek and biologist, I tend to peruse computer hardware and trend related websites.  Imagine my shock and surprise when I found that DailyTech was smarter than the pointy high-paid heads at the global climate research facilities.

Click on to find out how smart nerds can be....

A new study authored by Susan Solomon, lead author of the study and a researcher at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colo. could explain why atmospheric carbon is not contributing to warming significantly.  According to the study, as carbon levels have risen, the cold air at high altitudes over the tropics has actually grown colder.  The lower temperatures at this "coldest point" have caused global water vapor levels to drop, even as carbon levels rise.

Water vapor helps trap heat, and is a far the strongest of the major greenhouse gases, contributing 36–72 percent of the greenhouse effect.  However more atmospheric carbon has actually decreased water vapor levels.  Thus rather than a "doomsday" cycle of runaway warming, Mother Earth appears surprisingly tolerant of carbon, decreasing atmospheric levels of water vapor -- a more effective greenhouse gas -- to compensate.

Wait?  What?  What's with this water vapor crap!?!?  No one ever told me there was water vapor!!  Why didn't these scientists tell us that this deadly stuff was around ....  floating around in the air we breathe.  And, this vapor of water is more dangerous than the air plants breathe in???   Who knew!!

But, again.. carbon dioxide is rising.  They admit that.  So, it has gotten to dangerous levels due to human activity right?  It's at a point that climate disaster is just a few years away.

Despite the apparent bias of many climate researchers, they do have one thing right; carbon levels have risen notably over the twentieth century from about 300 ppm to 375 ppm.  While still far from the estimated levels of around 3,000 ppm during the time of the dinosaurs (appr. 150 MYA), the rising levels do mark a legitimate trend.  However, there is increasing evidence that the rising carbon, contrary to alarmist reports is actually having remarkably little effect on global temperatures.

The new research could help explain why despite tremendously higher carbon levels, the planet was not inhospitable hundreds of millions of years ago.  By lowering water vapor levels, the planet might have been able to compensate, at least partially, for atmospheric carbon levels nearly 10 times higher than today's.

Wait!!  What?!?  Again.  CO2 was 10 times higher when much larger animals walked the earth?  Must be from all the dinosaur farts.

But, one thing you can count on.  Honesty.

Admittedly the picture is still not clear about how our planet reacts to changes in atmospheric composition.  Other factors may also be at play in helping the Earth balance temperatures, including ocean currents and solar activity.  Ironically, no global warming model appears to accurately consider changing water vapor levels, and few offer decent consideration to solar activity.  Thus much of the model based research used to predict warming is likely badly flawed.

Despite the fact that current evidence points to a minimum role of carbon in affecting our planet's climate, the expensive movement to ban or restrict carbon globally retains significant momentum.  It remains to be seen whether politicians choose to consider the latest unbiased research, or instead forge ahead on a crusade against the rather weak greenhouse gas.

You know you are being lied to about man's influence on this HUGE planet's warming when the expensive global climate models don't even know how to handle the SUN.  And you aren't told about it.

Isn't it fun learning about all the things these public servants have been hiding from us all these years. 

[Update:]  The UN's IPCC has responded.  "People like Susan Solomon who don't know what they are talking about are idiots and should not be challenging our authority." 

Basically they said that.

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#1 Kevin 03-Feb-2010

I don't believe anything in this blog post, since it hasn't been peer reviewed.  That's the gold standard of blog postings.  Just ask Ed Begley if you don't believe me.

#2 Cargosquid 04-Feb-2010

I blog, so now its peer reviewed.  So There!  


Besides, the first thing that everyone did wrong was believeing ANYTHING that came out of the UN....

#3 captainfish 04-Feb-2010

I have two peers who just reviewed this post.

So there!!  Peer-Reviewed

#4 LocalMan 07-Feb-2010

I do not believe there is strong evidence of dinasaur farts.  Presumed innocent until fossil farts are found.

#5 LocalMan 07-Feb-2010

I do not believe there is strong evidence of dinasaur farts.  Presumed innocent until fossil farts are found.

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