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Are We Getting Overly-Sensitive?

Ok.  How can I broach this topic without getting people pissed off.  Heh, what do I care.

With all the hub-bub and flack over the fact that Rahm Emanuel recently called some idiot and stupid Democrats "F**king Retarded", people seem to be getting overly sensitive.  Sarah Palin went national in her condemnation and declaration of forced unemployment of Rahm for his angry utterance a few months back.

I understand the sensitivities of people who are close to someone who has a disability.  I can even respect them.  But... come on!!

Rahm said what he said towards people of his own kind.  He didn't direct his words towards people with any kind of disability other than their inability to see morality and reason.  But, we have yet to claim that as a protected status in recent hate crimes bills.  Thus, we are still forced to consider them as "normal" people.

And now, it would seem, that even Rush Limbaugh has arisen the ire of Palin's Bunch after his rant AGAINST Rahm and the Democrats.

Ok, now it is my turn to rant.

PEOPLE!!  GEESH.  GET OVER IT!!  Its a word.  Retarded.  It means held back.  It means to be deficient in something.  In a vernacular phrasology, it means being stupid, acting in a stupid and illogical manner.  Are we really going to get upset and overly sensitive about people using the word "retarded" as we have over the last 50 years? 

Have we not berated the Democrats for hemming and hawing over this word or that uttered phrase over the last few decades?  Have we not rolled our eyes when Republicans were drummed out of office by Democrat's bruised sensibilities over their erant or lazy use of a word here or there?

If we can't be more sensibile than those we berate and accuse, then how much lower are we?

Are we going to start getting upset when a Democrat upbraids his cohorts for being too intellectual?  What if one states that a document they are reading is too intellectual?  Are we going to demand apologies for their demeaning geniuses?


Come on people.  Rahm didn't call intellectually retarded people "retarded".  He called his idiot friends retarded.  Actually, I don't understand why the use of the word demeans the mentally handicapped?  The friends of the mentally challenged keep changing how we are to refer to them over the years.  In this one paragraph alone I have referred to them with 4 different terms.  What will it be 5 years from now?

This is all part of the problem and danger of Political Correctness.  It is a villain and a sly thief of thought and free expression.  If a person can't express themselves using words meant by their agreed upon definitions, then our culture will continue to fall.

Words mean things.  Words have power.  To claim that a word should never be used because someone's sensitivities may get bruised after hearing it in a diverse context is ....



[Update:]  According to some, like I said, they want to eliminate the use of the word "retarded" as being liken to hate speech.  Or as racially charged as the word "nigger".  Really?  Are we going to start putting people in jail for thinking someone has retarded thinking and being very obtuse at the moment? 

Also, hate speech and racially "hateful" words are directed toward the people that the words are intended to hurt.  The word and phrase "retarded" is not.



#1 Yiddish Steel 05-Feb-2010

I'm part Retard and I don't take any offense to the use of the word, "Retarded".

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