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Gratuitous Stuck-At-Home Weekend Post

For those of you who are stuck at home due to Snowmageddon, I have a few posts to lighten your day.  However, I think knowing that you are stuck at home with 2-3 feet of snow outside your front door, these posts may not amuse you.

Hitler loses it when he finds out that the people are beginning to see what he and his hinchmen have been trying to hide for so long.

Thanks to An Honest Climate Debate, I have two videos for you from High Lord Questioner Christopher Monkton during his tour-de-force through Australia.  The first video is a general news teaser that has some great remarks in it.  The second is a much longer portion from his interview.  It is edited, but done tastefully well.

And, as you may know, Australia does not really hate A-cup sized women doing porn.

Speaking of Ace, co-blogger Laura (I had a girlfriend named Laura.  hmmm) finds an Accuweatherman flipping out over the incredible storm of record.  Well, locally it might be.  Let's wait till the storm ends before we start shitting bricks like this guy.

And speaking of Australia, New Zealand climate scientists are..... huh?  What?  New Zea.......   Oh come on, I know New Zealand has nothing to do with Australia.... its called a SEGWAY.   Sheesh.   Anyway, as I was saying, New Zealand's climate scientists are getting their arses handed to them on carbon-plated frozen-CO2 platters.  It seems that they have absolutely no documentation or data to back up why they altered all of their temperature data all these years.  Data, by the way, that has shown a dramatic increase in warming.

Meanwhile, leave it to a measily storm to help stop Congress from destroying our liberties.  Oooohhhh.. someone else's reports also don't have any data to support the Global Warming Alarmism.

Well, that is all for now.  You guys have a great weekend, stay warm, stay safe and...


[Update:]  Obama says that Bush is ruining his presidency.  This economy is not his fault.  Former President Bush is working against Obama's policies.  It's not his fault.  It's NOT his fault!!

“The country cannot return to the “dereliction of duty that helped deliver this recession,” Obama said. He added that the previous administration’s role in the economic meltdown was the “real outrage.”

I think Obama's brain has too much snow in it.

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