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HONK! If You Love Global Warming

Oklahoma's Senator Jim Inhofe's grandkids took the time and joy during the latest winter blizzard of record that slammed in to the now shutdown D.C. area to play in the snow.

Did they sit there and whine about the fact that too much snow kept them from holding a press conference on the latest Global Warming Office?  Did they bemoan the fact that Global Warming has led to too much snow?  Did they cry that too much heat and deadly droughts have caused them to miss school?

Nope.  They decided to have a bit of fun.

The family of Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) had some fun at former Vice President and global warming spokesman Al Gore’s expense over the weekend after record snowfall blanketed the nation’s capital.
The family spent Saturday and Sunday building an igloo near the U.S. Capitol building...

Too bad the liberal nutjobs don't have a sense of humor about all of this.  They actually called this a PR event conducted soley by the Senator.

Brad Johnson, who blogs for the liberal Center American Progress criticized the prank and tagged it in the category of “Radical Right-Wing Agenda.”
“In reality, winter snows do not invalidate the reality that the planet just experienced the hottest decade on record,” Johnson wrote. “Scientists have been warning for decades that global warming would increase the severity of winter storms.”

He actually thinks the Senator is laughing at the fact people are without power and some have been killed.

Actually, Brad said that this past January was the warmest January ever.  Nothing about that this was the hottest decade.  Which of course he would know being a knowledgable and thoughtful global climate scientist.  This past decade has been near static if not cooling.

But then, that never stopped them from allowing others to help push their religion.

Read some of the comments at that last link.  They make for hilarious reading.  Guess the lib-greens do have a sense of humor after all.

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