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Excessive coverage.

There are 8 cameras visible in this shot; 9 if you include the one belonging to Fayaz Kabli, who filed it.

Compare that to the 7 police officers present, or even the 4 protesters, and the photo itself becomes almost comical.

But it does, to me, raise a very interesting question:—At what point do we cross the line from "covering" the conflict in Kashmir to inflating it well beyond its importance in the grand scheme of things?

Your input, as always, is greatly appreciated.

Indian police detain members of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) during a protest march to mark the anniversary of the hanging of Maqbool Bhat, in Srinagar February 11, 2010. Indian police on Thursday in Srinagar sealed off many residential areas to prevent protest marches called by JKLF to demand the remains of JKLF founder Bhat, who was hanged and buried in an Indian jail 26 years ago, police said. REUTERS/Fayaz Kabli (INDIAN-ADMINISTERED KASHMIR - Tags: ANNIVERSARY CIVIL UNREST POLITICS)

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(PS: Thanks again to all of my esteemed cobloggers for keeping things lively around here in my extended absence!)

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#1 captainfish 17-Feb-2010

Thought this was GAZA at first.

Since it isn't, then there is nothing to this event.  When a camera clicks in the wilderness, does anyone care?  When 8 cameras click on the same event... can it be forcibly made in to news?

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