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The Left's Religion: Socialism

Hallelujah, change is a-coming to the Federal religious outreach program:

President Barack Obama on Thursday signed an order establishing a White House office of faith-based initiatives with a broader mission than the one overseen by his predecessor, Republican George W. Bush.

Obama said the office would reach out to organizations that provide help "no matter their religious or political beliefs."
Obama is calling his program the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

This illustrates the danger I see in every Federal program created for the purpose of "outreach" and "assistance", even those created by Republican presidents: The next guy in office is likely to turn the program into a pork-barrel project that serves his core constituency.

The bottom line is this:—President Obama may couch this change in terms of "community activism" and "neighborhood partnerships," but the end result is the same as it's always been for the Left:—Namely, yet another endless pile of recycled proverbs from Karl Marx, which have proven time and time again to be a failure.

Which means that my message is the same, whether our figurehead is George W. Bush or Barack Obama.

Get the Federal government out of my wallet. Charity comes from individual effort, not some faceless bureaucratic boondoggle.



#1 captainfish 07-Feb-2009
My problems with this is:

1) The Fed government should not be involved in pushing any form of religious affiliation.

2) Where are the hoots and hollars over the president pushing his religious beliefs via the federal government?? We heard non-stop from the leftstream media and his counterparts that this was very wrong and the federal government should not be involved in this.

But yet, we have not even heard one peep complaint when the messiah does the same, and even expands it further.

Caliphate anyone? (snicker)
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