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Just Can't Wait For The Legal Way

"I want it now. NOW. I WANT IT NOW!!!


ST. PAUL, Minn. — Lawyers for Democrat Al Franken told Minnesota's highest court Thursday that he should be certified as the winner of his tight Senate race with Republican Norm Coleman without waiting for the outcome of his rival's legal challenge.

The Minnesota Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Franken's request for a certificate of election now, at least on an interim basis, so that Minnesota's empty seat can be filled without waiting the months it may take for the courts to resolve Coleman's separate lawsuit over the recount, which gave Franken a 225-vote advantage.

The justices took the case under advisement and didn't say when they might rule, but their many questions suggested they were skeptical of Franken's arguments.

Once again, I think we have slipped through the alternate reality dimension if we are to believe that a majority of people in any one state voted in favor of ... ... Al "I created Frankenstein" Franken.



#1 DMartyr 06-Feb-2009
I wonder how the pay works... Does the winner only get paid starting when the recount is officially complete? Does the winner get back pay for the time they were waiting for the recount? If so, how does the state justify paying someone who didn't work during that time?
#2 captainfish 06-Feb-2009
[i/how does the state justify paying someone who didn't work during that time? [/i]

well... its called government work. they don't need to work to get paid.

Just ask Brian.
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