The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Slight Changes

You might notice a slight difference or two around here.

On the off chance that you do, hope you enjoy it!



#1 busywolf 06-Feb-2009
Beautiful, Brian. Are you working on "hope" now?
#2 captainfish 07-Feb-2009
Love the new Logo!!

Supposed to resemble that which you smoke?

Or, is that the mutated 3-eared Playboy bunny?? Subject of corrupted home-cloning?
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 07-Feb-2009
LOL! I wasn't even thinking about it being THAT, Cap'n! It's supposed to represent a flash of light, or something like that.

#4 captainfish 07-Feb-2009

suuuuuure it does, Brian.
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