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How To Not Write News

Man, it seems like this is schooling weekend. Due to our current administration and its lovers in the leftstream media, I have a feeling that I will be conducing more of these free lesson more and more. (Dang, did I just say "free"??)

Ok, here is the original article found on Fox News. I have yet to find an author willing to put his name on this.

Let's begin with the analysis...

JERUSALEM — The Israeli military says Palestinian militants have launched a rocket from Gaza, violating an unwritten cease-fire that ended Israel's Gaza offensive.

The military says the rocket hit near an Israeli communal farm, causing no damage or injuries.

Friday's rocket fire followed an incident late Thursday on the Gaza-Israel border in which Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian who the military said was armed with a grenade.

Israel unilaterally halted its devastating Gaza operation on Jan. 18, and Hamas followed with an announcement that it would hold its fire.

Militants have sporadically fired rockets into Israel since, and killed one soldier in a border bombing attack. Israeli troops have killed three Palestinians who Gaza officials identified as farmers in border shootings.

Take note of the words I highlighted in BOLD. Do you see how they use charged words? Israel says... military says... Militants... Sporadically... and the best of them.... Gaza officials....

Please, let me remind those who have just moved to New England, anyone who holds a government-based position within the Gaza Strip ARE TERRORISTS who have vowed to kill as many Israelis as possible. They have carried out these attacks on Israel and its civilians on a nearly daily basis.

And, when has the leftstream media ever refused to interview people on the street?? Could these intrepid news reporters be failing or shirking their duties? They take an interview from the Israeli military and all they can do is state, "Israel says..." As if Israel just shouldn't really be believed.

And, once again, those who take up arms against Israel on the side of Gaza are TERRORISTS and not militants.

And, again, the use of the light and easy modest term - MILITANTS - to describe those who willfully and wantonly attack Israel and its civilian population. These people are members of the Hamas murdering terrorist organization that was chosen by the people of Gaza to lead them, to represent them, and to act on their behalf.

If these so-called militants have attacked Israel with sporadic rocket attacks, then Hamas has attacked Israel using rockets. Israel should respond aggressively. How can sporadic attacks threaten, or violate, an unwritten cease-fire agreement?

First, the agreement is unwritten therefore can't be broken or violated.

Second, a sovereign state can not make legally binding agreements with non-states.

Third, terrorists are incapable of making and keeping legally binding peace agreements.

Fourth, a sovereign state is legally and morally obligated to protect its own citizens over and against non-citizens when the nation is being attacked. Especially if those non-citizens are terrorists. If that nation fails to prevent those attacks, giving in to the demands of its enemies, then those leaders should be deposed and replaced.

We again see our leftist reporters giving legitimacy and respect to those who should be shunned and vilified while we see reports out of Israel given the highest scrutiny and downplay. We are even graced with explanations and excuses for why terrorists are attacking Israel.

Have we really fallen so far from our world's quest for freedom and justice that we will completely ignore wanton, malicious, egregious and willful attacks upon a freedom-loving democratic sovereign state by a murdering terrorist organization? And that the world's media would willingly take up the flag and propaganda for these organizations, whom everyone agrees are terrorists, over the lives of Israel's civilians?

Let's try this exercise again. If this were the 1940's, how would a pro-freedom oriented media handle this current circumstance?

JERUSALEM — The Israeli military reported today that terrorists from the neighboring lands of Gaza Strip have once again launched a rocket from Gaza. It is unknown at this time if Israel will respond to this most recent blatant violation of the unwritten cease-fire. A cease-fire that the Hamas terrorists had hoped to have used to rearm and rebuild.

The rocket hit near an Israeli communal farm, causing no damage or injuries, the citizens of the area reported. Friday's rocket fire followed a previous attack that occurred late Thursday on the Gaza-Israel border in which Israeli forces shot and killed a terrorist who was armed with a grenade.

Israel unilaterally halted its operation on Jan. 18 hoping to win world-wide favor. Hamas followed with its own announcement that it would hold its fire while still trying to force Israel to open the Gaza borders so that Hamas could openly bring in its weapons and rockets, instead of using its smuggling tunnels.

Testing Israel's resolve, the terrorists have continued to fire rockets into Israel injuring several civilians living near the border and killed one soldier in a border bombing attack. Israeli troops responded by killing three terrorists during one recent raid. The Hamas terrorist leaders tried to pass off the dead men's identities as farmers shot in local border shootings.

Meanwhile, even the UN has refused to send aid to Gaza's civilians in order to prevent the terrorists from stealing the food and supplies for their own use. It would appear that the UN is supporting Israel's blockade of its enemies, if not unofficially.

Now, that is a truthful story. It might show a positive bias, but you at least know it is true.

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