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The Grammy-Baiting Neil Young

I bet if the other tracks on Neil Young's new albums deal with other such controversial material, such as shrinking rainforests, the depleted ozone layer, and global warming, he'd be a shoo-in for this year's Grammy Awards, despite the fact that this could quite possibly be be the worst song, ever:

Yeah, that's the way to show the music industry who's boss, Neil. Be politically correct. They'll be so shocked.

(h/t IHTM.)



#1 captainfish 03-Feb-2009

That is by far even worse than the worse song ever. That is like... "what is the worst sound in the world".. worse.

And what was with him putting earplugs in tied to an apple??

And, he definitely has a pot-belly, but if he has ever seen a commercial truck, I'll be snickered.

What a waste of good carbon.
#2 Blingus 05-Feb-2009
It wasn't that bad of a song. I like Neil's music more so these days than when he was young. He's getting funnier in his old age. Stay young at heart Neil!
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