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The polls are open here in Fairfax County, so if you live here, you need to go and vote for this fine fellow:


What's that? You're looking for a good reason?

Yeah, as we've discussed before, I'm not the best guy to ask for that. So instead, I'll treat you to a sampling of what my more intellectual compatriots think

Ron of Isophorone Blog:

The main fear that the leftists have is that Pat Herrity will follow through on making the budget transparent. The spending machine will be subject to some adult supervision for a change. Voters will find out just what kind of gold-plated purchases the Connolly-Bulova machine has been making under the assumption that taxes can be raised limitlessly. We will find out who all the left wing special interests are! Don’t they sound like Nancy Pelosi?

Too Conservative:

That’s it. If you think the County could be doing things better, vote for Pat Herrity. If you think the County is doing the best it can, vote for Bulova. I can live with that.

I can live with that because there’s clear evidence that things can be done better. Even the [Washington] Post admits that taxes on homeowners have doubled in the past seven years, something the Bulova campaign has yet to address (though, to be fair, they haven’t really addressed anything– more on that below). The budget has grown by a billion dollars in that time beyond inflation and population growth. And that’s not a problem?

The Post argues its not because most of that money has gone to education and public safety. Well, okay, but that doesn’t mean that over-spending isn’t a problem, or else we wouldn’t be talking about a $650 million shortfall. If that’s where all of our excess money went, that’s probably where spending cuts will have to come from as well. And when we’re talking about education spending, we’re talking about the Board of Supervisors writing a blank check to the School Board, which places a higher priority on purchasing luxurious administration office space than on renovating classrooms. Just because money is spent on education doesn’t mean it is spent wisely.

Krystle over at CCC:

After Gerry Connolly’s doomed tenure as Chairman, many people are growing tired of the same old tax-and-spend mentality and do not want this to continue under Sharon Bulova. Herrity represents the change we are seeking in Fairfax County. With his candidacy, there will be positive changes in Fairfax. There will be transparency at the local level, elimination of wasteful government spending, and he will address the county budget deficit by not raising taxes.

Virginia Virtucon:

Vote Herrity!

And finally, my good friend Greg Letiecq over at the Velvet Ninja's hideout, with an indirect laundry list of good reasons. My faves:

2. Last April, Pat was the only candidate to put forward a balanced budget that would have resulted in a lower tax bill for homeowners and contained real spending reductions. Pat’s opponent failed to prepare for a fiscal train wreck, when we knew times would be bad.

5. Pat will not support wasteful spending - he does not believe we should be purchasing $200 million dollars worth of government-owned housing, building a large government housing bureaucracy, and becoming the largest landlord in the County. Nor does he believe taxpayers should be subsiding housing for those who make $99,000 a year.

9. Pat is the only candidate who can lead Fairfax County out of the $650 million dollar shortfall which is larger than the combined shortfalls of Arlington, Alexandria, Loudoun, Prince William and the District of Columbia. He has an award-winning financial track record and the reputation of putting troubled companies back on the right track.



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