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How's This for a Federal Jobs Program?

If these people want to go through the trouble of entering our country illegally multiple times a year, it's obvious that we aren't providing any disincentive for them to do so.

I therefore propose a solution from Ye Olden Time's Trusty Book of Solutions:

Federally-subsidized construction.

Oh wait, that wasn't the right pic. Make that: Federally-Subsidized Construction!

As far as I've been able to tell, there is not a single better way to save money on a construction project than to reduce all of your labor costs to $0.

It certainly seems a more effective solution than paying for repeated airfare for the trip back home. And probably more humane, considering the way air travel is these days.

;)Update: Diversity alert:

RAMSEUR, N.C. -- Sheriff's deputies in North Carolina arrested 73 people on Saturday in what they called the largest cockfighting bust in county history.


Deputies arrested 73 people and said many of them were illegal aliens.

Update: The photograph above is used with permission, with the understanding that (a) the contents of this post are hereby released under the terms of the Creative Commons (UK Derivative) License, irrespective of any and all other copyright notices on this page, (b) the graphic above was created and provided by David Cross, and (c) it represents a truly awful joke on my part. Or, at the very least, a severely understated one. Which really is par for the course around here, isn't it?



#1 eddiebear 03-Feb-2009

Oh, and

#2 Cletus 03-Feb-2009
Now THAT'S some socialism I can agree with!
#3 Dave Cross 03-Feb-2009
I'm not really sure what connection my photo has to your story here, but it's clear that you're using it outside of the terms of the licence that it is released under.

Please re-read the licence[1] and make the appropriate changes.

#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Feb-2009

Obviously, I intended for you to have full credit, which is why I linked the caption back to you. I've gone ahead and pulled it, per your request. I guess it was an obscure visual pun anyway, huh?


Respectfully yours,
#5 captainfish 03-Feb-2009
brian trying to get sneaky again??

btw, I have always liked the idea too that if people want to get the USA illegally and get a job, then there is a sure fire way to get citizenship.

serve 5 years on the front lines of our war on terror.

and have always been proud of chain gangs. if we are going to house and feed these idiot law breakers, then they should work for their state aid.
#6 captainfish 03-Feb-2009
forgot to mention.... Isn't cockfighting illegal??? Then why are these people doing this? I thought these people struggled long and hard to get in to our country and are just here to provide food for their children. They are good law abiding people of our communities.

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