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Snapped Shot: Faster than the Speed of News!

The Chicago Sun-Times marvels at the wonders of bacon, and at how quickly the "bacon phenomenon" is spreading across the internet.

Of course, if you've been hanging around here long enough, you would've probably already known that our own captainfish spotted this story three weeks ago.

And if you haven't been here that long, let this be a lesson to you:

Snapped Shot: We deliver the news, before it's news.

And then you promptly forget about us. ;)



#1 busywolf 04-Feb-2009
Brian, I don't know the captain as well as you do, but I have a gut feeling that his love of bacon rather than his love of news was behind that particular post.
BTW, I am still boycotting. ;)
#2 Cargosquid 04-Feb-2009
Go bacon! Btw, I blogged this 27 December as "Or we can just drop it on Al Queada"

Good stuff. Planning to try it soon.
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 04-Feb-2009
Heya, CS! I remember that post—That's an [i]awesome[/i] idea!

Look forward to hearing how the recipe tastes!

#4 captainfish 04-Feb-2009
[i]Bacon, glorious bacon, that [b]fat-filled[/b] treat hewn from the side of a pig, is the new Internet darling.[/i]

ummm... hello?!?! You have to cook it before you eat it!!!!

"HEWN" ?!??!?!! One wonders if they realize that the pig is an animal and not a tree.
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