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George W. Bush, Dumbest Man Alive

I'm sure you'll see headlines exactly to that effect tomorrow, once you see the astounding video evidence:

(For the record, there are a mere 305 million Americans in all of our vast land, at least if you believe the evil warmongers at the Census Bureau—Which, I hear, is about to be renamed "The Department of World Citizenry" under the Magical Unicorn Administration.)

A bunch of my fellow evil warmongers, all of whom are also gloating at George "Chimpy" McPelosi's verbal miscue.

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#1 DMartyr 04-Feb-2009
Brian, she was counting all 57 states.
#2 captainfish 04-Feb-2009
hahahahahaa DMartyr.

Actually, I think she was counting our state to the south of Texas as well.
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