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Snapped Shot: Simply The Best!

Commenter Maryam checks in from Paris, complaining about Snapped Shot's treatment of Fadi Arouri (REUTERS):

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Well English is not his mother tongue, it doesnt mean he's stupid or whatever.I'm not sure you can speak arabic half good as he does speak English.

A bit of racism here and there doesn't make you sound smarter than him at all anyway...

PS:I'm French, will you tell me i'm stupid because I don't speak Englsih the way a native English speaker would do....

Not being content with a single complaint, she follows up on our other Fadi Arouri fan thread:
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You guys are simply full of racism and hatred, talking about people's mother and family members.I thought judaism enlights the respect due to mothers and elders....You should be ashamed of yourself and turn to God so that he forgive you.

Actually I feel really sad for you, how can you swear at people and call them illiterate just because they don't speak English well.I'm totally astonished to see how racist some people can be...

I'm French, call me an illeterate because I don't speak english properly.

I'm an illeterate holding 2 PHD....


As far as I can tell, the good Captain—the scurvy dog that he is—is the only one who was involved with disparaging Fadi's grammar. Does that stop Maryam from accusing all of us with charges of racism?

Repeat after me: Bien sûr que non!

So why tar the entire site with the "racist" label?

Could it be that, for someone of Maryam's ideological bent (hint: "Islamist" is not a race), it is more convenient to dismiss vast portions of thought with simpleminded expressions of angst?

Could be. Or perhaps she's a member of the World Fadi Arouri Fan Club, and is insulted that we'd even dare to comment on her main squeeze. Either way, she claims to have not one but two Ph.D's under her belt, so she's just got to be much smarter than the rest of Al Gore's vast Internet.

Whatever the reason for her outbursts, far be it from me to criticize her complaints. That'd be so mean, wouldn't it?

So instead, how about I rephrase her entire thought process in a more concise form:


Thanks for stopping by, Maryam! I look forward to your continued thoughtfulness and bulletproof logic!



#1 busywolf 05-Feb-2009
Bonsoir à tous!

Non, Brian, t'as tort, parce que ce n'était pas du tout le "captain", mais plutôt moi qui parlais sans honte et sans pitié de la mère de Fadi (Oumm Fadi), que Dieu me pardonne.

Voyez vous, chère Dr. et Dr. Maryam, je ne suis qu'un petit maître ès arts, et pourtant je parle quatre langues: l'anglais, le français et l'hébreux à côté de ma langue maternelle qui ne fait pas l'objet de cette discussion. Et alors? Faute de deux PhD, je suis bête, moi?
#2 Donkeyrock 05-Feb-2009
Aw, dude! You got French all over me... now I gotta go shower again.
#3 captainfish 07-Feb-2009
Eeewwww... I feel all sticky now.

Hmmm, did I criticize someone's use of English? Did I criticize someones grammar that should have learned that there was even such a thing as English and grammar when they went to school let alone if they took journalism?

Is it racism to expect at least a decent and competent use of the language if you are going to use it?

No, I do not know Arabic, let alone French (thanks for showing me up there BusyWolf!!). But, I also do not attempt to comment on Arabic sites using my broken horrendous attempt at Arabic.

I would fully expect that if I were to write in English on an Arabic blog-site, that I would also face certain criticisms.

Get over it. English won.
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