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AP v. Shepard Fairey: Three Lawyers and a Newspaperman

Ron Coleman, Internet Superhero: "Yes, the question of photo-into-artwork is a longstanding and dicey one in copyright law. ... This should be settled, though. The President really kind of has his hands full already, you know?"

Peter Friedman: "I think his poster so profoundly transforms the impact of the image from the photograph that his poster is not an infringement."

Gabriel Malor, via e-mail: "At first blush, I would say that Fairey's work is transformative. That is, the character of his work is sufficiently different from AP's that it is 'fair use.' ... It is no longer a photograph, nor does it even look like a photograph."

To wrap it up, legendary Associated Press newspaperman Don Surber sounds off. To paraphrase: "Nyah nyah, I can use the poster legally. You can't."

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#1 Ron Coleman 05-Feb-2009
And we're proud to have you as our friend, too, Jimmy!
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