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Fidel Castro Sighting! [Update: FAKE?]

Update: There are some shifty things about these photos, after all. Be sure to read beyond the fold for my analysis of some questionable areas of the pictures.

Update: Fausta's talking about this now. Tune in now!

Looks like the Cuban government needed to stave off another coup. And thus, another convenient photo-op was born.

The genuine deal? Photo courtesy the Government of Chile.

There's another photo beyond the fold. I'm going over both of them with a fine-toothed Photoshop comb right now, but on the surface, I don't see anything unusual about them (other than the usual color issues—They trying to hide how pale he is?).
Nothing creepy here. (Source)


There are a few curious things about these photographs—I'll highlight them below. Click on the image to zoom in, and feel free to compare it to the full-sized originals, available at the links above.

Shifty hands.

Shifty shadows.



#1 Roost3r 13-Feb-2009
You seem to always think there's a conspiracy. You live in one exciting world, Brian with all your mystery and intrigue!
#2 Roost3r 13-Feb-2009
Wait.. what was I thinking??!! Is that a JACKET!!!??? I didn't even notice he was wearing a jacket. That CAN'T be Castro! And look.. 2 hands. IT's obviously faked. We know his right hand is a metal M60 and his right is a large rubber mallet. I am now coming around.. this has got to be a fake.
#3 Mambi Watch 13-Feb-2009
If you suspect these photos are fake, then I would like you to clearly explain why you think so.

I doubt if a coup of the Cuban government is imminent photo opts with an old man would avert such an event.

How would you explain Bachelet saying that Fidel is "active" and recuperating, and them speaking together for an hour and a half?

Is she lying? And, if so, why? What does she get out of it?
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 13-Feb-2009

She's helping to prop up the despotic Cuban government, which [i]absolutely[/i] relies on the notion of Fidel Castro being alive for the duration of the "adjustment" period to rule by his brother. (Figuring out chains of succession in a dictatorship is always complicated when there aren't any progeny to pass the throne down to, isn't it?)

Aside from that, it certainly isn't beyond the realm of possibility to suggest that there would be "financial" rewards, either personally or nationally, given by the Cuban government to all of the Latin American leaders that have been helping them prop up Fidel's image?

#5 Roost3r 13-Feb-2009
Mambi, Brian is a complete moron with no basis for his claims whatsoever. Those pictures prove absolutely nothing to support his ridiculous claims. Slow news day = wild imagination.
#6 Kari 13-Feb-2009
Roost3r, I think you've spent too much time on the farm. I completely agree with Brian's explanation. It's just the same when North Korea Photo Shopped Kim Jong Ill out and about making inspections, all while he was recuperating…that was to keep up an image that he was in good health and in complete control of his twisted regime.
#7 Mambi Watch 13-Feb-2009
I don't buy it. Here's why.

You claim that the Cuban government "relies on the notion of Fidel Castro being alive" for a certain duration. That duration being some "adjustment period."

Its been about a year since Raul Castro was named President of Cuba. It's too easy for you to say an "adjustment period" is still going on. I don't even think experts on Cuba believe "adjustments" are still ongoing.

The other claim is that the Cuban government "relies" on the physical presence of Fidel Castro, and thus they must somehow bribe world leaders (or Orthodox Russian priests) to be accomplices to what may be perhaps the greatest media fraud in recent history.

Hmm. I wonder why democratically-elected, and popular leaders like Kirchner and Bachelet would risk their LIFE REPUTATION on some scheme.

It's an interesting (and shocking) conspiracy you seem to accept, but I don't buy it.
#8 Brian C. Ledbetter 13-Feb-2009

You don't find it curious that the only people who've been "allowed" to meet with Fidel Castro are fellow socialists? And we're never presented anything more than one or two snapshots ([i]never[/i] directly, only via handouts) of each occasion?

I find it [i]very[/i] strange, myself. Much like I find the silent acceptance of the iron-handed censorship of the press in Cuba by Western leftists to be very strange.

Claudia Daut/Reuters is in Havana, by the way. Why not allow her direct access to take pictures of him, if he's doing so well? I'd be willing to bet that she'd be [i]delighted[/i] to have the opportunity, if it were offered to her.

#9 Cuban 100% 13-Feb-2009
Brian's right. Nothing at all is real. Communists are all like that.

Castro is completely out or dead. One way or another these pictures are carefully reviewed and prepared by the government to create a false image.

They want to make a legend out of him but sooner or later the true will come out.

As a Cuban I can tell you that picture is not real and all those people willing to put out with this have political and financial reasons.

Cuban 100%
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