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Pig Funny

I'm not usually one who finds potty jokes funny, but I can't help laughing every time I watch this clip:



#1 Avid Editor 13-Feb-2009
Did the pig say Allah ;)
#2 DMartyr 13-Feb-2009
Lol, Avid, that must be why I keep laughing... :D
#3 Ron 14-Feb-2009
This is very good timing given the passage of the porkulus package!
#4 Ron 14-Feb-2009
One more thing: My four-year-old is demanding to see this thing A LOT.
#5 DMartyr 14-Feb-2009
Lol, Ron. Let her watch it! ;)

(PS: I'm still laughing when I watch it.)
#6 Ron 14-Feb-2009
My kids are boys, but OK. The four-year-old even told his grandmother about it.
#7 DMartyr 14-Feb-2009
Sorry, my bad.

#8 captainfish 15-Feb-2009
So, we can teach a pig to crap in the crapper, but we can't teach crap (Congress) to not treat us like a crapper?
#9 busywolf 15-Feb-2009
Does the pig learn to flush in the sequel?
#10 Ron 15-Feb-2009
OK, I linked, but with my own title.
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