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A Second Revolution?

I received an email today from a man named Rob Jesmer. He claims to be the Executive Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). His email was a passionate plea for funding in order to fight the Democrat's movements and machinations following their victory to win the Presidency, the Senate and the House.

Read below for his "passionate" plea for funding and the reason for everyone to get all-up-in-arms about.
Mr Jesmer starts off the form letter this way:

President Obama's White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is hijacking the Census Bureau to redistrict the 2010 Census to the Democrat's advantage.

Is a personalized email is too much to ask for? Wait, is all this about the takeover of the 2010 Census? Is that all? Well, Ok, maybe there is more to it than that. Let's see what Mr Jesmer can tell us.

Last week, the White House announced an unprecedented plan to move authority over the upcoming Census from the Commerce Department to the White House. The Census is supposed to be a nonpartisan process, but the administration is using Chicago-style politics to unjustly give Democrats an advantage in future elections.

It's in everyone's interest to have the Census process - which is the basis for drawing up Congressional districts - remain non-political. We need your help to call foul on this incredibly inappropriate move.

WOW!! Amazing stuff there. So, this is all about a power grab by..... the people in power??

And, Mr Jesmer, please tell me how this is any different that each state redrawing district lines each and every time a party comes in to power? Is this really unexpected by the Republican Committee?

Mr Jesmer continues:

Please stand with Senate Republicans and voice your concern over Rahm Emanuel's plan to use the Census as a political tool. You can make yourself heard by forwarding this email to your friends and encouraging them to join the NRSC and make a donation of $25 or more. We need a show of strength right now to show the Democrat's that we won't let them take over the Census for their personal gain.

Help the NRSC fight these actions - and prove to them that you do care -- make a donation of $25, $50, $100, or more right now.

Please stand with us and tell the Democrat's you won't watch passively as they sell your Democracy away to the highest bidder.


Rob Jesmer
Executive Director, NRSC

There's only one word to describe the Democrat's actions to move authority over the Census to the White House - arrogance. The fact is they won't listen to us until we can apply grassroots pressure. Please stand up for common sense and help us fund opposition to this massive plan to grow government by making a secure online gift of $25 or more. Thanks again

Is this all this is? Is this just a basic ploy to ask for money? Is this nothing more than a money pitch? Are the Republicans just playing the same game over and over again? It would seem so.

They are asking for money from people, who through the Congress' efforts, are now struggling to keep their jobs and pay their bills. The Republicans may not be the sole reason for our current crisis, but they helped pile on.

Now that the Republican's hold on power, minute as it is, is being threatened by further power grabs, they now decide to stand up? Now that their power and money are being threatened, they decide to take a stand? But yet, they decide to stand up to .... a Census?

This was my reply to the honorable Mr Jesmer, Executive Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee:

Dear Mr Jesmer,

I'll start supporting you when your guys start supporting America. I'll support the Republicans when they start acting like Conservative Republicans.

Republicans had numerous opportunities over the last decade to stand up against wasteful spending, bloated budgets, and wasteful pork projects, but your guys decided to be Democrats and play their game. Your guys are half the reason why we are currently in this mess we are in now! And what is with Congress voting in pay raises when the country is losing jobs like water through a sieve.

And, we haven't heard much from your guys over the years as our country has slid more and more towards socialism. But NOW you have an issue? With the Census? Because it might affect your hold on what little power you have left? Sorry, nice try.

I'll wait for the Second Revolution.

Dee McClanahan
Conservative in hiding,

I am sick and tired of the Republicans playing the sanctimonious part. They now feel the need to play the high and mighty role of protectors of America's freedoms and rights?


Where were these heroes when the budget was increased during their reign of power? Where were they when they also demanded excessive pork funding for their own pet projects? Where were they when our freedoms were being slowly eroded to the point that today's administration is just more of the same socialism?

What was the reasoning behind our first Revolution? What was it? Was it tyranny? Was it the erosion of freedoms? Was it excessive taxation? Was it the ever growing influence of the government and their control over our everyday lives?

You think today is any different? The government has already started going after people who criticize it and its actions. Prior, the Democrats called it patriotic to question the actions of the government when it was seeking to fight terrorism. Today, the Democrats says that it is un-American to question the government as it seeks to fight Capitalism.

You think now times are different? The media is already going after Republicans and Conservatives calling them "insurgents". Even claiming that the Republicans are conducting an "all out war" on the president. And many on the left have started calling Republicans "domestic terrorists" as well. And you thought it couldn't get any worse than the Left calling Pres Bush a Hitler. Now they are targeting everyone. Did you think that these national prisons were just for show?

Who else will be the next in their sites? Who else are they going to punish and eliminate? And who in Congress will allow it to happen. The Republicans have already shown over the years that they can't be trusted with protecting our Freedoms. And the courts are so infiltrated that they give our enemies more rights than they do us citizens. No one can be trusted any more these days, it seems.

However, the seeds are growing for a possible Second Revolution.

[Update:] For more news, the new Obama administration is going after law enforcers who seek to protect us from invaders from the south. Recall that the previous administration even went after those who put their lives on the line guarding our borders. Meanwhile, the push is on for amnesty for 10-20 million illegals.

Laws? Who needs them? Not our government.


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