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A Second 9/11 Terrorist Attack?

[Note: The speaker states this happened on Thursday, September 15th. But Thursday was actually on September 11th. The meeting in which this was discussed was on the 15th.]

This wasn't the work of single investors or even individual countries.

I wonder who has the financial assets to pull such a stunt?

Atlas Shrugs has more.



#1 William Teach 16-Feb-2009
Exactly, who did it? Who could do it? Was Dem Daddy Soros involved in an attempt to get Obama elected?

And, not to get all conspiracy-ee on it, but, did Obama know?

Interestingly, was McCain appraised of this when he did the whole stupid suspending his campaign stunt, and that is why he voted for the Crap Sandwich? Did he put country over his chance to be elected president?

And, is Barry's admin investigating this? Do they have any answers? It's 5 months later.
#2 DMartyr 16-Feb-2009
Given that it happened on September 11th, my suspicions fall on Islamic sources. Violent jihad will be waged by muslims terrorists. Financial and political jihad will be waged by moderate muslims.

I doubt we'll ever know for certain. Even if the Obama Administration takes it seriously enough to investigate, they will not disclose the true culprits.
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