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School Principal Ousted for Desegregating School?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the end result of political correctness.

I've altered a few details in this local telling of the story (italicized). Please be sure to visit the link above for the surprising plot twist.

A primary school headteacher has resigned after white parents protested over plans to scrap separate ... assemblies for their children.

Soon after taking over at the school Julia Robinson told staff she wanted to hold assemblies for all pupils...

The practise is common in most schools and after taking advice from the local authority, Ms Robinson set up a working party to look at alternatives.

But their work was stopped after a number of white parents at Meersbrook Bank Primary Community in Sheffield complained about the plans.

Mrs Robinson was accused of destabilizing the school and following the complaints she was away from her post for most of last year.

She was due to make a phased return to her duties this term. But again there were protests from white parents when they heard she would be coming back.

See if you can guess what really happened in this story, without peeking first.

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#1 stygian 09-Feb-2009
The following paragraph is missing:
"Many of us here just feel this is all very wrong," the insider said. "The day after the resignation the director of children's services Sonia Sharp came into school to tell us it was Julia's personal decision."

Why should the name of the director of children's services have been censored?

Perhaps because the director is a graduate of a cult organisation that claims to promote diversity, but in fact creates division - Common Purpose
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 09-Feb-2009

That's interesting - I do notice that Ms. Sharp's name is listed down towards the bottom of the article:

[i][b]Sonia Sharp[/b], director of children's services, told staff it was Mrs Robinson's personal decision and [b]they had to 'move on'.[/b][/i]

Do you have any information about her that we should know? Is there something much bigger afoot?

Thanks for the tip! I look forward to any links you have to offer!

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