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Zoinks, I Agree With kestrel9000!

Virginia is far better off without big-moneyed carpetbaggers ruining the show. (And no, that was not a typo...)

I'm nowhere near what you'd call a fan of the Moran family, considering their propensity for outrageous remarks, but I certainly agree with the notion that Virginia is best governed by Virginians.

Though I'd still prefer that we be ruled by a Republican. :)



#1 kestrel9000 10-Feb-2009
Thanks for the link(s). But that was JIM Moran, not Brian.
Sins of the brother?
Actually, Brian Moran and Bob McDonnell have one important thing in common, though: they both abandoned the people that elected them to pursue their political ambitions. And you already know how I feel about TerryMac....that kinda only leaves one guy, in my book....:)
do the math!
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 10-Feb-2009

Always a pleasure! And yeah, I know Jim said it—He's [i]always[/i] the Moran I turn to for a bit of comedy gold. As the ancient and wise proverb says:



Brian hasn't stepped down from the General Assembly yet, has he? Have I not been paying attention to the news?

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