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On George W. Bush's Serial Vacationing

When George W. Bush left the White House to "get away" from it all, he was frequently chastised by members of the Left, and their undying supporters in the media, for "taking too many vacations" and "running from the problems" that Americans face every day.

Now that Barack Obama is President, what do you think the reaction is when he leaves the White House to "get away from it all?"

If you guessed glowing adoration and praise, along with an endless series of excuses, give yourself a hearty pat on the back. Courtesy the Obama-worshiping Julie Mason of the usually fairly conservative D.C. Examiner:

Already tiring of the constraints of Washington life, President Obama is making a jailbreak of sortsgetting away from the White House as often [as] possible and returning to campaign-style audiences.


Obama today is off to Springfield, Ill., for an event marking the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. He and his family will spend the weekend, including Valentine’s Day, at home in Chicago. That’s a solid week with at least a daily trip away from Washington.

Why does the press feel the need to treat Barack Obama so differently than George Bush? If it was evil for Bush to leave the White House to campaign, to visit his ranch, or otherwise to live beyond the gates at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, then it is either equally evil for Obama to do so, or the press is following double standards.

Or maybe, the press really is blind to the sins of the Left. Being fellow-travelers and all.



#1 captainfish 12-Feb-2009
I'd vote for "fellow travelers".

The leftstream media are elitists. Many of the upper elitists are socialist in nature and ideology. Many have agendas that border on anarchism.

Pushing out Pres Bush, seen as the establishment, and placing one of their own, who happens to be black (zingers to those racists conservatives) is seen as anarchism. They have succeeded in their wildest dreams of putting one of their own in to the office that controls spending and freedoms. This is what they want to happen.

And, you will rarely ever see leaked reports of military or secret government activities during the next few years from the leftstream media.
#2 Kevin 02-Mar-2009
Cry me a river you whiny losers. Your precious moron, GW, took VACATIONS. Meaning, he left the heavy lifting up to others so he could clear brush on his ranch and do other things that wouldn't tax his puny brain. Obama works day and night to fix your idiot's mess so I doubt he'll have any time for Bush style vacations in the next four years.

Get over it. You lost because you had complete control for eight years and raped the constitution while torpedoing the world economy. You don't have a leg to stand on in this argument so go home, shut up and let the good guys (the dems) fix your mess.
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 02-Mar-2009
Speaking of precious morons, it looks like Kevin "W. Cuts" hasn't bothered to learn that the Democratic Party has been control of Congress for half of King George "Chimpy McHalliburton" Bush's reign. If that counts as having "complete control for eight years," then we are truly living in a parallel universe.

(Yours is bleeding through, incidentally. Seriously. Running up 1.2 TRILLION dollars in debt in less than 30 days is "responsible" governance these days?)

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