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On Greenhouses

Update: The illustrious Elder of Ziyon notes down below that I'm wrong—The famous "Gates" Greenhouses were in Gush Katif, whereas our photograph below is in Rafah. Both places are in the southern Gaza Strip, the former being close to Khan Yunis and the latter being close to the actual border. (Notice how many greenhouses there are around Khan Yunis? That's not exactly a few.)

As usual, I reassert my credentials, and use this informative illustration to demonstrate the crack newsgathering process we use here at Snapped Shot:

Original (erroneous) content moved beyond the fold, with apologies.

If I may, I'd like to borrow a page from ye Olde Dictionary:


1: a structure enclosed (as by glass) and used for the cultivation or protection of tender plants

Keep that definition in mind as you look at this AP photo:

Palestinian workers sort flowers for export, in a greenhouse in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009. Israel has approved Gaza's first exports in a year, about 25,000 flowers to be sent to Europe for Valentine's Day, the military said Thursday. Israel has blockaded Gaza since Hamas militants seized control of the territory in June 2007, barring exports. (AP Photo/Eyad Baba)

How does this tie into our definition above?

Take a close look at the top of the photo. Yes, that is the sky you see there; and No, there is not a stitch of glass in that roof.

Which means that this is not a "greenhouse."

It is a publicity stunt, however, and a curious one at that. You see, if I'm not mistaken, this picture was taken in one of the greenhouses famously donated by Bill Gates to the Gaza populace—Which were even more famously destroyed when the last Israeli soldier left the terrortory. And then transformed into something else, entirely.

Which means that the photo we see above is nothing more than an attempt by Hamas to cover up their destruction of a gift given to their citizens, and to sweep aside the fact that it was yet another civilian site that was magically transformed by Hamas militants into a terrorist supply route.

Of course, if you were to rely on the Associated Press to bring you context like this, you definitely wouldn't have learned any of this.

Yet more proof that the AP is a context-free zone.



#1 Elder of Ziyon 12-Feb-2009
I'm pretty sure that the greenhouses donated by the philanthropists were not in Rafah, but in abandoned Jewish communities.
#2 captainfish 12-Feb-2009
Brian, who wants fully bloomed flowers that were cut off just below the bloom???????

How are these being exported and for what reason? It is definitely not for use as a flower gift to a girl on Valentines Day.
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