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Good News: Dems to Blame Republicans if Stimulus Fails

As you know, by "if" I most definitely mean "when."

Otherwise, why would House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer be discussing the likelihood of blaming Republicans for its failure?

"It's a deeply elitist view if understood in that context," he added. "We're in the majority, so we have the power and responsibility to foster bipartisanship. But it takes two to tango." [Ed.:—Gee, Steny, that's so nice of you. Of course, if one of the two dance partners is locked out of the room, that doesn't make it all that easy to "tango," now does it?]


"$785 billion was not a scientific number, but a political one," he said. "Three Republicans set that as the limit of what they would vote for."

"Several economists have said that this may not be enough. And they might be right, but this is what we could get."

As I mentioned previously, the Republican Party was completely shut out of the negotiations over this pork-laden economy-buster. For the Democrats to be starting to make overtures about how this is somehow "our" fault is ridiculous at face value.

Sadly, considering how entrenched the DNC is with the media, this talking point will most likely have legs.

Which is yet another reason why the Republican Party needs to start bypassing the media, and getting information out to the voters directly.

Thanks to Dan Riehl.



#1 captainfish 12-Feb-2009
Actually, what is scary, is that this piece is basing its review of $785 BILLION dollars upon "several economists".

And, they admit that this is all a political number.

No, what is scary is that three RINOS felt that $785 billion ... was jussst right. Not $780, or $790 billion.... but $785. And, I am done calling them RINOS. These are socialst liberals. I won't even grace them with the label of republican.

As talk show hosts have said, it is time for war. It is time for payback. It is time to give them what they have given to us. When we gain power once again, and it will be soon should these socialists get their demands, we must begin by acting and funding just like them.

FUND our causes to teach freedom, constitution and about civics. FUND our get out the legal vote. FUND anti-illegal programs. TANK federal spending to all time lows. FUND the military and not fund the arts.
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