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The Dastardly Republican Era of Lobbyists!

Recall back during the Bush Years, when liberals from coast to coast complained constantly that lobbyists ran the Bush White House and the (Democratic-controlled) Republican Congress?

What if I were to tell you that I found a concrete instance where Congress had pushed a law through that nobody on Capitol Hill could read, all because Congressional leaders sent the only copy of the law over to the lobbyists on K Street?

It'd be pretty awful, wouldn't it? And representative of a Federal Government that is totally beholden to and corrupted by moneyed influence?

Okay, if you're ready for a little bit of a shock, I've got a little secret I'd like to share with you about the true story I listed above. Brace yourself:THE 2009 STIMULUS BILL HAS BEEN SENT TO LOBBYISTS BEFORE CONGRESS HAS SEEN IT.

Hope. Change. Influence peddling!

I won't be waiting for the inbred empty suits at CNN to report this.



#1 captainfish 12-Feb-2009
Ummm.. are these bills only done on paper? Is there no such thing as "digital"? Is there no such thing as a "file server" for Congress?

Is this not a perfect example of waste, if bills are only sent to other members of Congress for review via PAPER?!?

I'm sorry, I can't believe this. I just can't. How can the most advanced nation on this earth still be living in the paper age for its Congress? Something is wrong with this story.

If people around the blogosphere were posting comments and pieces and links to the bill, then how can these staffers say that they have never seen it? And are whining about the paper forms being somewhere else?

Ok, let's just say that this is true. Are we surprised? What could those people with labels of Republican do anyway? The socialists don't care and don't even NEED for those Repubs to read the bill. They don't really even need them to vote on the bill.

Why are you whining when you should be fighting?!?! But then, why start now you spineless whores!!! You've been sucking off the people's teets for so long you have forgotten whose side you are supposed to be fighting for. You have forgotten common sense and American patriotism.

You in Congress who wear that R label have betrayed those who voted for you and you have betrayed your country. I blame YOU for letting socialists get more votes; thus getting more seats in Congress.

Fighting against Socialism should have been one of your main goals. You should have been up there protecting us from its creeping effects. But no!! You have been helping it along and NOW you are crying fowl?!!?

Welcome to your creation!!!

Now quit your whining you spineless ***tards and get to work, or just get out. I am sick of you.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 13-Feb-2009

On this one tiny issue, I must disagree with you. Paper records are [i]permanence[/i] about them that I think any government should require. I can go back in Virginia's archives (most of which are available online, courtesy the Library of Virginia) and read proceedings of our government from [b]400 years ago[/b].

Why deny our ancestors the same form of historic transparency that we enjoy ourselves?

Of course, this has the added benefit that paper records are [i]much[/i] more difficult to fudge than electronic records. To me, this is worth the cost, even if it appears at face value to be wasteful.

#3 captainfish 13-Feb-2009
What stops these staffers from going to the Congress' file server, or the Bill's creator's server, to download the bill, .. AND THEN print it off.

You just said you can view 400 years of history. But, you also said it was ONLINE!!! Thus, digital.

Also, what prevents a bill between the times it was printed, viewed and then voted on.

Paper = permanency? So, what was the argument for entering the digital age?

I asked for a filing cabinet at work. I was told no and to scan the documents I wanted to keep.
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