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The Most Transparent Government In History

When you voted on November 4th to change Washington into a city that was accountable to the people, that was transparent and open in its dealings, I'm betting you expected at the very least that our government would try to be transparent.

As long as you consider flagrantly ignoring rules for open proceedings and marking public information "confidential" as being "transparent," then you've made a very wise decision.

Thanks for voting in such honest leaders, America.

(h/t Dan Riehl and Fausta)



#1 captainfish 12-Feb-2009
You didn't think that meant transparent to us peons, did ya?

Oh you are silly people.

And I bet you really thought Pres Obamassiah was really going to buy that woman in Florida a new car, new bathroom and a new kitchen because she asked him for it during his town hall meeting there a few days ago.

You know, I hear the moon still has a few choice places of prime vista real estate left for sale......

Have the Dems ever been transparent?

Have the socialists ever been open to what they really are doing, or going to do?

Has Socialism really been about freedom of information to the masses?
#2 Cargosquid 13-Feb-2009
Its very transparent. Their intentions are as clear as glass.
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 13-Feb-2009

Heh! Good point. :)

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