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Thought For The Weekend

When faced with ever increasing taxes or legislation, how many of you have asked these types of questions?

- Why not just outlaw cigarettes if they are so evil?
- Why not just pay everyone a "living" minimum wage of $30/hour?
- Why not just take my whole budget to pay for someone else's needs?
- Why not just seize all of the rich's money if they are going to do it right?

Well, haven't they started doing just that? Where can you smoke these days? Some government agencies can tell you to not smoke at home or in your car. How high has the minimum wage gotten based on allowing families to off of it? How much of your budget is garnished in order to pay someone else? Didn't the Mayor of NYC state that only 40,000 of his citizens pay 50% of the tax revenue? And many there want to increase the taxes on the rich even more.

To these communist socialists, unfair taxation is when every dollar earned by the "rich" is not seized and given to the "poor".

How many CEOs and Directors just had their salaries confiscated and dictated by the Feds? How many of them just had dictated to them by the government where their money can go?

How many of these new leaders in the USSR Congress have vowed to raise taxes on the rich? How many have stated that they would be willing to dictate how more taxes should be raised to pay for more government-mandated programs?

How much farther will it be for the government to just flat out dictate to all business owners how much they can make, how much they have to pay all their employees, AND how valuable pension and 401K plans can be?

What difference does a Constitution make to these people? They hate and despise the U.S. Constitution. You think that is going to stop them from doing their worst to this nation?.. .. for the betterment of our children...

BTW, Sen Reid wants to give D.C. a seat in the U.S. House. What Constitution? He says it is to right a wrong. How far do you think this will go?


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