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Life Imitates Parody

Check off one other hypothetically-funny question that we've been dying to know the answer to:

If our forefathers, the founders of this country, were alive today, they would've been too hampered by regulation to dump tea into Boston Harbor.

Case in point:

A Cedar Rapids group will do a symbolic tea dumping into the Cedar River on Saturday because state officials won’t let them use the real thing.


Tea, although natural and quite tasty, is considered a pollutant that can’t go into a body of water without a permit, said Mike Wade, a senior environmental specialist at the DNR’s Manchester field office.

“Discoloration is considered a violation,” Wade said.

Life just got one tiny little bit less funny, my friends. Hopefully, we will someday see exactly how much of a loss idiocy like this truly is.



#1 Izzy 27-Feb-2009
But, since the problem is discoloration, what if they use white tea (decaffeinated, of course)?
#2 forrest woodwick 27-Feb-2009
Mr. Wade quoted the water quality standard incorrectly. The standard for color, found in section 61.3(2) says:
"Such waters shall be free from materials attributable to wastewater discharges or agricultural
practices producing objectionable color,". Please note the qualifiers - 1) color must be produced from a wastewater discharge or an agricultural practice and 2) the color must be "objectionable". You aren't doing #1 and "Objectionable" is a totally subjective standard. Who determines what is objectionable? Plus, you'd have to dump enough tea in to the river to change the color over a large area. Tea will blend in very quickly. I recommend using liquid tea rather than tea leaves. The regulations prohibit the discharge of pollutants and the tea leaf has a higher potential of being a pollutant because it's a solid.

So, now go ask your Mr. Wade how he plans to enforce this standard on you. Make him show you the regulation if he insists on being a dictator. BTW - I have worked in the water quality standard field for 15 years. Have a great party!!
#3 forrest woodwick 27-Feb-2009
I tried to post my comment on Michelle Malkin's website but could not figure out how to register. Feel free to post my comments for me.
#4 John Howard 28-Feb-2009
Tsk, it would be a waste of good tea anyway. Grind up some $1 bills and dump them. They are colorfast, and less valuable, too.
#5 captainfish 01-Mar-2009
hahaha.. John H.

Forrest, great point. And, how many liberals have allowed turning rivers GREEN during certain holidays? It is only because this is making a political point is why they are throwing a fit.

These events are occurring all over this nation. Time to get prepared people.
#6 Mita 05-Mar-2009
I was hoping to finally be able to use my box of Traditional Medicinals "Smooth Move" tea I've never had to use... until now.
#7 Richard Wagener 16-Apr-2010
I tried to get on Michelle's web page and couldn't figure out how to, and also how to join the group against the ACL. It's got a box to join but I clicked o it several imes to kno avail
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