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Why Muslims Want Dead Children

Ever wonder why Muslim parents care little about the dangers their children may encounter when challenging armed soldiers? Does it puzzle you that Palestinian mothers would pray for their child's martyrdom, or that fathers celebrate when his son dies killing others?

Part of the reason is selfishness.

Muslims are taught that martyred children can intercede for them, and gain them eternal salvation in Allah's sexual Paradise.

[One of] the benefits of having children is that if they were to pass away whilst still children, they will intercede for their parents. This is authentically reported from the Prophet , who said: "There is no Muslim individual, male or female, who has three of his children pass away whilst they are young and he is patient with that, except that they will come and intercede for him on the Day of Judgment." So 'Umar asked, 'What about two [children]?' Upon this the Prophet said, "It is the same for two [children]." (Al-Bazzaar, al-Haakim. Sh. al-Albaanee mentions it in his book, Kitaabul-Janaa-iz)

The religion of peace.



#1 captainfish 20-Feb-2009
So, screw you and your one-child families. You are all doomed to live with the Kufar.
#2 DMartyr 21-Feb-2009
Muslimes who don't have children to intercede for them will have to become martyrs themselves. In islam, that's the only two ways to ensure acceptance into paradise.

That's what these idiot liberal politicians don't understand about muslimes. It doesn't matter what you give them in this life, it doesn't matter if you offer peace, if you appease them, if you leash their enemies, etc, etc.


They ONLY want to get to that mythical paradise of unlimited sex and hundreds of thousands sex slaves. That it. And to get there, they must fight for islam. That means dominating non-muslims, even if it means killing them.

There is nothing you can offer them in this life that will satisfy them, except your submission or your life.
#3 Mouth 15-Mar-2009
That’s an impressively meaningless seventy words coupled with an equally irrelevant quote, are you really that ignorant to the nature of humanity to think that a Muslim parents default setting is to want their children to martyr themselves?
#4 DMartyr 15-Mar-2009
Muslims haven't shown otherwise.

If it looks like a pig, snorts like a pig, behaves like a pig, it's a pig.
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