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Media: Why Hide The Bias Any More?

Some of you may have seen this already, but as I live by my DVR, I just saw this tonight.

60 Minutes Presents “Obama: All Access” relives memorable moments from CBS News coverage of this extraordinary political figure… electrifying scenes already seen around the world, and quiet moments seen only on 60 Minutes. With nearly four hours of material, this DVD will also include never-before-seen material from exclusive 60 Minutes interviews.

So, how much was this love affair, free advertising and campaigning worth to the Obama's during and after the election? Guess it doesn't matter. Not like rules and laws matter much any more any way.

Not like the IRS is ever going to check. On the elites any way.

So, the next time you see a presidential candidate being interviewed on a news show, think of this and you will know their ulterior motives. And giving a free campaign ad isn't one of them. They will make their money back after the election. In more ways than one.

Anyone else feeling a bit creeped out by this??

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#1 Yiddish Steel 23-Feb-2009
Not even the Kennedys got this kind of quality hand jobbing the way the First Fam gets by way of the Commie Broadcast Service.
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