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Shocka: Negative Return-on-Investment for Plug-In Hybrids

The city of Seattle embarked on a program in which it allowed "regular" drivers to test out a set of modified plug-in Toyota Prius cars. With loudly-repeated claims of 100 to 150+ miles-per-gallon being trumpeted from the hill-tops, everyone—by which I mean the technological dunces at the New York Bankrupts, whose site appears to be performing as well as their stock is these days—expected that this would be the technological shift to end all shifts.

As you can imagine, considering that this is just like every other program pushed on us by big-government liberals, the reality has once again failed to live up to the endless hype.

The cars—which, by the way, will require you to pay a whole lot more on your already-expensive electric bill—get an astounding 51 mpg.

Which, of course, is roughly the exact same thing that a 1982 Volkswagen Golf would get.

Proving once again that liberalism is at least a hundred years behind the times.

Update: Words of wisdom from FReeper mountainlion:

It takes a 1200 pound battery to store as much energy as 10 gallons of gas. Imagine the freight cost of hauling an extra 1200 pounds along with you.

Yep. There's a reason we "used to" use batteries to power cars. No amount of Federal regulation could ever overcome the added cost of carting 1,200 pounds of fuel around.



#1 captainfish 25-Feb-2009
Let's see.... 80 pounds of gasoline vs 1200 pounds of caustic batteries. Some of which can explode if they get too warm.

But Brian, saving money and increasing personal comfort and income are not what these people are about. Their whole point is .. get rid of gas.

Good thing those cars are made out of tofu and corn stalks.
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