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New Era of Fiscal Responsibility

Allow me to introduce you to the new federal accounting sleight-of-hand.

Watch, in hand A, as we hear of the new promise to spend down the Republican* deficit:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama wants to slash the ballooning deficit in half by 2013, U.S. officials said on Saturday, after massively increasing public spending to stem the worst economic crisis in decades.

Whatever you do, don't pay attention to hand B, where we promise to increase spending by unprecedented amounts, thusly increasing the Federal deficit sevenfold:

The official said the White House is asking for a “down payment” of about $635 billion to begin overhauling the nation’s health-care system, which Obama has said is critical to expanding health-insurance coverage and getting the government’s fiscal house in order.

I think AoSHQ'er PersonFromPorlock has hit the nail on the head:—It's high time we start talking about defaulting completely on Federal debt.

The Democratic Party has made it absolutely clear that it intends to spend Federal money faster than a drunken tinpot dictatorship no matter what we do, so why not throw a monkey-wrench into the actual process of borrowing said money? If lending institutions were worried about what we crazy Republicans would do after we get back into power, surely they'd shy away from forking over any more of their hard-earned dollars to the Federal government.

Voluntarily, at least.

There's always the time-honored tradition of extortion, which the DNC has perfected into a science.

* Incidentally, if you're thinking that the "Bush Deficit" was bad, you might want to take a little peek at this chart. Our government has officially been launched off of the train tracks, thanks to the New Soviet Democratic Majority.

Thanks to Ace.



#1 captainfish 26-Feb-2009

You know, the democrat socialists have talked for years of the two Americas that Republicans have supposedly created. But, it is very clear now that this was only what they were hoping was being created. For, these socialists are actively pursuing an ever widening agenda to create a whole new country.

That new country? One that true Americans want to see again. One that we Americans fought to create over 200 years ago. One that true Americans fought and died over and over again to preserve against tyrants and dictators and socialist leaders like the one the USA has turned in to now.
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