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It's Official: I'm Screwed

Federal contracting, by which the hippies in the White House mean D.O.D. contracting, is getting ready to CHANGE:

President Barack Obama plans to change how government contracts are awarded and who can earn them, a move his aides say would save taxpayers about $40 billion a year by making the process more competitive.


Obama's directive would order Peter Orszag, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, to work with Cabinet and agency officials to draft new contracting rules by the end of September. Those new rules, officials said, would make it more difficult for contractors to bilk taxpayers and make some half-trillion dollars in federal contracts each year more accessible to independent contractors.


Obama will say that his administration will stop outsourcing to private contractors many services that should be performed by government employees. He also pledged to open contracts to small businesses and eliminate "unnecessary" no-bid contracts that allow preferred contractors to take assignments even though they might not be the least expensive option.

For the record, "who can earn them" and "independent contractors" are both keywords for "8(a) minority-owned businesses." Guess who benefits from that policy?

Being of the White Male Non-Homosexual variety, I'm guessing that my job marketability just took a pretty massive hit, thanks to politically correct gerrymandering at 1600 Penn Ave.

I'll be seeing you at the soup kitchens, comrades.

(h/t The Missus)

Update: Did I say "801(c) minority-owned businesses?" Yeah, I'm a dummy.

OH YEAH: I don't know how I missed it the first time, but:

Peter Orszag is an idiot.

And, for Google's sake: Peter Orszag, Peter Orszag, Peter Orszag, Peter Orszag, Peter Orszag, Peter Orszag, Peter Orszag, Peter Orszag.

There. Take that, you commie fools.



#1 John Houston 04-Mar-2009
In the William Gibson book "Spook Country" there's a line that says: "Cultural Marxism is what other people call political correctness".

Quite fascinating to think about, no?
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 04-Mar-2009
Heh, yep, that's definitely an interesting way of putting things.

I think we're getting well past the "cultural" in "cultural marxism," though. It seems the current Administration would rather lead us to a more [i]literal[/i] interpretation.

Ugh. :)

#3 Good 04-Mar-2009
Very dissapointed you chose to see a racial subtext in an article that had none, whatsoever.

Now I hope you dont get contracts. I hope you are less successful in the coming year. There was no need for you to read racial garbage into that article.

Unlike you, I am looking forward to an end to no-bid contracts being given to contractors rebuilding Iraq, est. As for you, good riddance.

I'll be watching for you as I drive by the bread lines in my BMW.
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 04-Mar-2009
Nice of you to dodge 99% of the argument, Good.

I do feel a tinge of regret at skimming off one of the smartest readers this site has ever experienced.

In much the same way that I regret [i]never[/i] recycling a thing.

Brian "No-Bid" L.
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 04-Mar-2009
By the way, in case any of you are wondering why I am so dismissive of Good's ill-conceived complaint, allow me to illustrate his thought process:

[i]Government[/i] preference of particular racial groups (i.e., non-Europeans): Good.

[i]Private[/i] complaint about such government preference policies: [b][i]Racism[/i][/b].

There really is no arguing with world-class stupid.

#6 Mike 04-Mar-2009
I am also employed as a DoD Contractor and I can already sense the anti-military tone of the present administration...I also fear we will end up in a breadline...I wouldn't mind except that I feel we do a Superior job and actually save the Gov't money. guess that doesn't matter when you are being forced out by Chicago Patronage politics....Oh well...My Fallback position has always been to tout myself as a "Disabled, Gay, Black Female"...maybe they won't notice

USN (Ret.)
#7 Steve 04-Mar-2009
I hope they do convert these jobs to civil service. Then maybe I can get decent pay and benefits.

The first job I was on, 27 former sailors replaced 70 actives. The second job replaced 15 sailors with 5 contractors. This current job replaced around 45 civil service and 20 sailors with 20 contractors. The real pisser is an average E6 makes ten grand more than some of our employees.

If they get rid of the big contractors, the little guys should save DoD a ton of money, what with their really low ball salaries and talent. Of course DoD will have to go back to the old way of doing contracts, no more big blocks or fixed price. Just an endless series of expensively managed, nickel and dime RFP's.
#8 Brian C. Ledbetter 04-Mar-2009
Mike: ROFL. Your comment made my evening, good sir!

Steve: Speaking as someone who works for a Big Contractor (4 letters, starts with S, ends with C), I'm personally more inclined to maintain the status quo. If nothing else, that hopefully explains my bias. :)

Respectfully yours,
#9 captainfish 05-Mar-2009
Wasn't it Reagan and previous administrations that moved many government jobs to contractor based because they could do it cheaper and faster?

So, this explains Obamassiah's plan to increase the govt' rolls by 2/3 more.

Why have a cheap no-bid contract when you can pay twice as many people twice as much more to do the same job.

I just don't get how this can be seen as saving money.
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