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When Stupid People Attack!

Roseanne Barr is claiming Israel fires missiles at its own people as an excuse to kill innocent Palestinian civilians. Her evidence? The fact, she claims, no Israelis have been hurt or killed by the missiles since the end of the last conflict.

From her blog, as the Gateway Pundit reports:

you say that twelve rockets were fired into israel since the end of the "war" (ethnic cleansing). Not one Israeli was hurt or killed by these rockets, and now you say you are going to go back and kill more palestinians to teach them a lesson!!!

I think rockets are being fired by your own sources, since less than ten israelis have been killed by them. You are bullshitting the world as you pocket money made from arms sales, along with bibi and your agents in Hamas. step down all men in power!

She rests her case.

I'm convinced. /s



#1 captainfish 05-Mar-2009
WOW.. What insight. What exacting accuracy!!

Man... I really need an acid bath now to wash this nastiness I now have...

These are the people we need to be free from if we are ever to reclaim our constitutional and freedom loving roots.

These people, mostly voters of Obama, despise freedom and praise gov't controls. They despise any idea of a higher faith besides faith in gov't. There is no coexistence any more. These are two opposing view points. Like trying to force USSR and USA to agree on an economic system. It's not going to happen. It never can. It never will. That is why those are two seperate countries.

We need to be free of these insane people.
#2 DMartyr 05-Mar-2009
One good thing about Roseanne...

She makes me feel friggin BRILLIANT!

#3 captainfish 05-Mar-2009
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